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i am afraid


I cannot express my views anymore
Not stand in front of them anymore,
I use to be afraid but now I am afraid.

I use to be afraid of ghost at night,
Snakes, dogs but now I am afraid…
Afraid of my brother, afraid of my
Sizothi kutheni na xa beziphathisa okwezinja?
I use to be afraid but now I am afraid
You go at hospital they take you,
Go at church they bomb the church,
At school they kidnap you…

I am afraid of getting out of line
Today I have a sharp weapon to 
God forgive me, devil come
Face me, talking failed me.

If it was illness I would cure it
If it was disease still cure it,
But it’s not a virus, not a 
Sickness, its stupidity and
Humanity dying!


Copyright © Mthetheleli Gwaza | Year Posted 2017

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Her beauty, no season

Her beauty, no season. 
No glum’s swing her day, from morning to sunset.
Stunning smile, hearted soul and perfection delineates her.
My expressions are belittled… No perfect lyrics can neither describe her darling.

When you feel weak, her sight brings worthy, angel in disguise she is.
No fault is found on her makeup, the classy dresses she wears
Is found not on price tag, but on her body shape.
Many women wonder and compete, with smile she glorifies and correct.
But I also wonder, I wonder if not did God rank angel with human’s, what beauty can be distinct to the definition itself?

If I was to find solutions, I’d conclude her secret is humbleness and personality…
Personality that brightens a sadness day.
If certainty be considered, her and only her beauty with no season.
Morning comes and go, night and day also shift… the only God creation that be not tried is her beauty.

My point be clear… summer is hot a d winter is cold, nonetheless 

Copyright © Mthetheleli Gwaza | Year Posted 2017

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Worth it

Words cannot tell
Enemies cannot win,
Because your actions are powerful.

You the conquer, the survive
You amazing, Women you are worth it.
They strike you all looses break,
Your cry is the world outcry.

You deserve love, much more
Life, happiness and hope…
It is sad who you used to be
Compared to who you are.

Your only mistake is kindness,
They took it for granted, your
Body for market and started
Setting prices to your precious soul.

You showed Christianity when 
They showed cruelty,
Too hell with them women you 
Worth it!
Stop women abuse and raise with 
Their pride, because you also as well
Worth it. 

Copyright © Mthetheleli Gwaza | Year Posted 2017

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What Love Is Not- Zizi

What Love Is Not

I was told but I should have known, warned but should have listened.
 I decided to fly higher, facing the storms I stayed to my story, 
Scared to face reality, I believed in fairytale. After all, love is blind, I said.
Questioned father's teaching and cursed mother's love, for what? I judged, what they know about love anyway.

Driven by ego I changed my ways, let me say, abandoned my teachings,
Good friends become enemies, deemed advice as jealousy from the giver.

Oh! Trapped by my eyes, I was blinded by bold lyrics of beauty and charm of pussy. To an end, I believed to the power of love to cross oceans, to touch the sky, feel the stars. I became a god to my goddess, ego the only way to go.

I should have known, I was told but I should have known, 
Because I knew what love is, but never asked what love is not, maybe it was a little too late. My eagerness for what I know folded the reality...  "Eagle can fly high, but it has to come down to drink".  Except, there was no down to come to for my stupidity.

For I had no wings, after all, it was a fairytale, a comeback would be a fall. I should have known What Love Is Not

Copyright © Mthetheleli Gwaza | Year Posted 2020

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Hey Beautiful

Hey Beautiful

Hello Beautiful, is it of mankind or you just kind to a man.
Why is it every time I think of you, my heart pump flames
Isn’t that hell, where flesh survive fire for torture?
But hold, heart was none other to be dangerous, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, to days back so am told, men never knew they'd love.
Nothing catchy, want pussy you'd cash in and love, love... Oh no, 
that you'd die for. But isn't pussy what pushes us to love? 
To see so men dying I bet not. Perhaps indeed, heart is none other than danger.

But hey Beautiful, your danger is Deja vu to my heart …
And I knew that the moment I first saw your smile. A smile brighter to shadow the sun,
Your sparkling eyes shifted oceans and oh  before I knew it, my knees were shaking,
 My body stumbled, words wouldn't come out,
Heard so many voices inside me whispering, telling me ain't man enough,
A shame and embarrassment. I was familiar with those words all my life I have been told.

Then I looked your way and I realized, really ain't just a man but Companion to a Beautiful. Since then I never looked the other way, 
Hence in my eyes, you will always be beautiful.

Hello Beautiful, It's Zizi here

Copyright © Mthetheleli Gwaza | Year Posted 2020

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The rhythm is known even to the next generation
The rhyme has changed to a prophecy and fulfilled a nightmare
Nights become heavier, dreams started being empty, place of peace become a playground of vengeance.

The danger is to whom it is towards, because...
The shooter plays a victim scared to face reality of pulling the trigger.
Felt heartbeat turning to a ticking bomb...It was something I've seen before, somewhere I have been before.

Because I have always been told; men are stupid, heartless, and lost.
Now lost between two lives, I ask myself, Should I have?
Should I have fallen in love? But a man who cannot accept his faith in dying, such man risks losing his soul in darkness.

I know I am not a better man but for what remains of a man,
I accept the identity of the man I am, the man who should have never loved

Copyright © Mthetheleli Gwaza | Year Posted 2020