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Best Poems Written by Franchesca Mia Tortoza

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Sonnet V: Love Through A Distance

I gaze at your lovely face day by day.
When in disgrace, you are my salvation.
The love my soul has will not fade away,
And for you, I'd conquer all creation.
You send me thoughts endearing and loving:
Thoughts that lift my spirits in misery.
I feel that I live in eternal spring,
And my life is a happy love story.
Your love gleams in my path when I am lost;
You, to my heart, are more precious that wine;
Your love of gold is what I treasure most;
Forever proud I'll be, to call your heart mine.

Yet I yearn for your presence to be clear,
I wish to hold you - beside me, right here. 

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2016

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If Only She Knew

A day like no other—or so it had seemed
	For this intelligent yet unknowing girl who failed to see the obvious
Though knowledgeable, she never truly deemed
	The love someone had for her—she truly was oblivious.
"Another one?" She pulled it from it's placed—confused was she
	'Twas another magnificent rose in purple—it was her favourite colour.
"Who has been leaving behind roses for me?
	He certainly is thoughtful—it is such a sweet favour."
''They would never compare to your beauty, though,"
	Said a voice lovely as velvet and sweet as chocolate from behind her
"Whoever sends them must truly love you so,
	I'd do the same if I could—but you seem to already have an admirer."
"Why—who on earth would admire me?
	If they want to be friends, why not just say so?"
Alas once again, ever oblivious she'd be!
	And what she felt around him—she'd probably never know.
Her heart pounded when around him—that much she knew,
	There'd be a unique feeling in her chest whenever they were together.
She wished she knew why—oh, she wished true,
	She wished she understood—lest she be unknowing forever.

"Hey, may I ask—why are you so kind to me?"
	And he blinked—that angelic voice was enough a man to stun.
"But is that not what friends should be?"
	At his statement, she smiled, "I see! You must be that way to everyone!"
And sighing silently, he shook his head,
	She'd never catch on to his antics—an oblivious girl she was truly!
His feelings were obvious—and despite it not being said,
	He knew they loved each other, and if she knew it—oh, if only.

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2016

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Sakura Blossom

The snow gently falls down from the blue sky,
And down, towards south migrating birds go.
Strongly and harshly does the North Wind blow,
Causing stones, twigs to willy-nilly fly.
As I sit here, I watch these scenes and sigh,
When I see the river no longer flows,
And to the ground, wilted flowers bow low,
This makes me ask, why we have winter; why?
	But I too know the answer: to give rest,
	To the birds and the animals and trees.
	To show that pure white things can be awesome.
	But when I touch snow, I feel hope at best:
	If I wait, be patient, then I may sieze,
	A glimpse of the first Sakura blossom.

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2016

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Sonnet IV: Rebirth

I ask you why—why I hear everyday
Of the Renaissance whose effects stay strong;
Legacies of music, writing, and song.
We all undergo rebirth, so they say,
But how does this new life come into play?
Are we reborn to correct our wrongs?
Or revived so that we may tag along?
Are we reborn if life goes not our way?

Then I hear from my heart, "For many things
Are men reborn and given again life.
So that we may turn from wrong and to right,
Every day, a unique, brand new life springs,
To allow us to be heroes in strife.
We are reborn when we see the sunlight."

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2016

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Spell Fades Away

All was scary as we crouched down to wait,
In the shadows for a victim chosen by fate.
	T'was supposed to be a holiday of misery,
	But apparently, my heart has chosen another story.

At the stroke of midnight, a spell is broken,
A spell of family, one of women and men.
	But why with this spell I choose to bother?
	For 'twas not cast by a fairy godmother.

Ever since youth, we've only had each other.
Our sympathies were only for one another.
	We were together, through fear and loneliness,
	You and I, were each other's happiness.

But now you have her, and the spell fades away,
The end of our co-dependence might as well come today.
	The spell on our carriage, after all, can't last forever,
	One day it'll no longer be you and me together.

Should I be glad that you finally found
Someone other than me to whom you are bound?
	But when that day comes; when I'll have to lose you,
	When that time comes, I don't know what I'll do.

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2016

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Chance: Undeserved but Provided

How many fools who know my name And what I do will dare Walk with me and talk to me As if, for me, they really care?
None, I used to think Would be stupid enough to try To put up with the fool who often Turned his victim's blood to clothing dye.
And even when you approached me I thought you friendship was a lie A ploy to torture the psychopath Who doesn't care when people die.
Surely, you weren't naïve enough To think I deserved a second chance. Baby boy, I've killed so many, Even with death, I'd kissed and danced.
But you were, innocent little insect, And even if you say you hate Me, how many heroes would give a murderer The chance to change for great?
And the hopeful way you talk about me— It makes the boxes — and me — go insane Because I believe, somehow I think, I can make up for all the pain.

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2019

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Always Stay Together

"A bond forged through time and space, And formed by countless tears. Not created at a hasty pace, But will last through the years: It is a friendship like no other. And a string as thick as rope, Is what binds us like sisters. For when one in the dark does grope, We all blind ourselves; we're family. And in this promise good forever, We'll stay a 'we' and not a 'me' We will always stay together."

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2016

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Freedom, Come To Me

Here where I live in this world of chains,
	I shout loud for my most wanted necessity!
Here, as I am bound by my reigns,
	I scream for my one wish—my one and only!

I shout out to the blue sky,
	"Let me go free! My world let me wonder!
Let my try and make my history!
	Let me fly over the clear skies and yonder!"
And with extreme passion, I am freer!
	Into the depths I want to be free to dive!
I vow not to be a lowly prisoner—
	I vow not within chains to live!

In false ideas I refuse to believe
	That if I concede, I will have my way?!
No! Yet over my prison I do grieve—
	I vow! I shall break out of here someday!

And my hopeless dream that flew away
	I will find it—I will!— and once again make it mine!
There will come a time—I will have my say!
	I will—eventually—break out of the prison's lines!
My captors, do watch my signs
	Someday I'll have my dream—someday I'll be free!
And on regret, you all shall dine
	When the world hears my shout—freedom, come to me!

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2016

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If I Am The Morning Star

Take my hand, darling,
You've once told me that I am
The dark nightmare's heaven shine —
Well, you've told me more times
Than you might like to hear
For during those times, your heart
Was a black hole of misery.
But the black hole in yourself, my rose
Will never be enough to drown out the light
That I wish to impart to you.

Take my hand, darling,
And I will ensure that you never 
Drown in the ocean of doubt again.
You will never again
Find yourself with a bottle of pills
And a final note in your hands.

Take my hand, darling,
If you call me your starlight,
Then allow me to impart to you the hope,
The joy, the faith,
The light,
That you yourself instilled in me.
Allow me to ignite in you the
Flame of life again.

Take my hand, darling,
If I really am the stellar light you say I am,
If I really am your morning star.

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2017

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Beauty Fades Away

Beauty is everything to everyone,
Something worth beholding, a work of art,
Worth even more than friendship, even fun,
Able to touch even the blackest heart.
Beauty isn't admired because it lasts,
Not called heaven for it's permanent state.
But beloved, wanted, if only to seize,
A miniscule glimpse before cruel fate,
Arrives and changes the way the wind blows.
Beauty is that shining star in the sky.
Beauty is that one perfect, flawless rose,
That faultless gold piece no money can buy.
Yet no one sees, at the end of the day,
All with beauty will have to fade away.

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2016