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Best Poems Written by Thriveni C.Mysore

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Leaves know-
Not the beauty
Of flowers they hold.
Tongue knows-
Not the beauty
Of words, unspoken.

Copyright © thriveni c.mysore | Year Posted 2015

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a lady aurum

Facing the idolum of near successive picture perfection
I sat looking at her in all earthly wide wonder
All that I had heard of her became much clear
I kept thanking the happy chance for such lucky reflection.

Gentle grace, lucid charm, distinct person full of pristine vision
Setting forth moral marks by austerity, halting others in fear
Her very presence makes the stigma go down with unseen shudder
She is, but a lady aurum with no substitution.

Keep going, for we know not others with better honesty
Living with cogitate morality you are content and at ease
You aspire, for tranquil world hoping this chaos to cease.

Doing your devoted prophetic work to the good of humanity
Your propitious thoughts will frame the system with prosperity
I hence wish this, may your good tribes ever increase.

Copyright © thriveni c.mysore | Year Posted 2014

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Like a river giving up 
Its name and form
When it flows into the sea,
Man loses all sanity
When he finds too much company!

Copyright © thriveni c.mysore | Year Posted 2015

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A torrential rain
Changes not pattern of a leaf
Wise words-moves not a thief.

A gusty gale
Cannot wipe away a weed
Charity-does not erase bad deed.

Even though pleasant to hear
A cuckoo sings when Nature is clear
So, should an advice -be from one to other.

When the spoken words are not taken
Advice becomes just vice
Silence seems wise choice.

Copyright © thriveni c.mysore | Year Posted 2015

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infallible spirit

Limb or limbless
all the same
for Nature,
She is at ease
having created
a mother for
each living 
creature, a
spirit infallible
made at
God's leisure.

Copyright © thriveni c.mysore | Year Posted 2017

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November Sun

Like one awaiting a train
I stood, a blank-self,
in front of my house, next
to an un-kept vacant site,
earnestly thinking of Her – Winter –
reasons that might be stalling her, she 
who was once ever punctual.
Blue clear sky, Earth’s spread HD
Wallpaper, refreshed by
November Sun, beaming ultra-
whiteness, confusing 
the living world, reaching the
roots of shortest blade of grass,
and an unlucky soil worm.
Sun descended slowly-
a flower-girl for the
chilling winter-bride.

Copyright © thriveni c.mysore | Year Posted 2019

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It's a girl

Gazing at something
beyond, I felt that I heard
It's a girl,
Oh said the new father
in me, I shall take care.
A society, where a father
fears to have a girl-child as
 ‘she’ demands much care,
I care, said I. Even
a mother fears to have a girl-child 
as a ‘she’ demands
more protection, and a family
fears to welcome
a girl-child as ‘she’ demands most silence,
Yet, I said I care to myself in
silence with deliberation.

Copyright © thriveni c.mysore | Year Posted 2020

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Hated silence

Forcing myself to live in
content without a decent
job/ shelter/ food  
is itself an impossible task –
I didn’t flinch.

A passionate couple
Fire-Air, waltzed through
my native, my forest,
trampling on lives small & big –
I didn’t cry.

After HER party, I
went to see the charred
landscape, my heart thumped
wild, could feel soul in throat –
I didn’t

stop my proud heart, I
let her to feel, I knelt
to beat coal-black ground, I
thumped chest, I flayed my 
hands to sky, I howled,

Roared, wailed, cried
I clenched my fist,
boxed at guiltless air, I
called his partner names –
I sobbed back to silence.

My impotent-proud silence,
My hated silence.

Copyright © thriveni c.mysore | Year Posted 2020

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Caged Life

I stood there, staring before a cage
That held a tiger, circuit at restless pace.
What a life for the beast of such rage!
A fate of such could make other’s heart race.
Born to strike terror, stalk prey, spurt with grace,
Elegance, diligence all but a day’s play,
Now it lay, held captive by barbed wire,
Born a tiger, and that was the only mistake.
A beast of beauty living life of pity,
Waiting for the food to be thrown,
A piece of meat, measured and torn,
A meal awaited that, neither filled nor left hungry.
What would it be to be born free?
Roaming in the wild at deliberate ease,
A gait that with none could agree,
Hunting to fill and not of sense to please.
Drinking, soaking, playing in divine water crease,
Find a shade, a mate and a family,
To live a balanced life with such ease
Even a foal agreed to the fair play.
Oh! How I pity!
A roar that once shook the ground was now a groan,
Once a majestic stride, shrunk to pace of agony,
Fierce glowing pair of eyes reflecting dull gloom,
A sensitive build that now lost sense of night and day,
A potent nature’s joy leading pitied caged life.
Which is cruel? Hunting for prey or hunted for pride?

Copyright © thriveni c.mysore | Year Posted 2020

Details | Thriveni C.Mysore Poem

Exotic bird

Colorful feathers, best of one’s sight
cheerful bird having access to
No need to fly in search of

crystal clear water,
fruits, greens, carrots
cut to tiny bits, served fresh
each day, every day,
No need to fly
in search of food for the day.

mate – brought
from homeland,
thrust to her for life
without ceremony or
chance to test him Nature’s way,
No need to fly in search of 
mate for any season.

Metal wired nest
no fear of breakage
from gusty wind, gale or storm
droppings cleared away too,
No need to fly
in search of twigs, cotton-fluff.

Wings that shall never
take her high,
instincts long dead in heart,
She –an exotic lovely bird
caged, fed, and taken care of by man.
No need to fly.

Copyright © thriveni c.mysore | Year Posted 2020