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Best Poems Written by Sidney Dugan

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Have I Ever Told You


Have I ever told you

Have I ever told you that I love you
Have I told you just how much I care
Have I ever told you 
 when I am with you darling
The power of bliss and joy is everywhere

Have I told you how my heart is yearning
To feel you here within my sweet embrace
Have I ever told you
That whenever I am with you
I melt within your beauty and your grace

I look at you and feel such joy within me
You smile at me and everything feels grand
Have ever I told you 
When you are with me Darling
A feeling comes that I don’t understand

I know that there will never be another
Could fill my heart with love the way you do
My darling let me tell you
You’re all I ever live for
I love you with a love so pure and true.

Have I told you that each night when I am sleeping
Your image haunts my dreams and gives me bliss
You make me feel so happy
Every moment I am with you
You mesmerize me, dear, I tell you this

Copyright © sidney dugan | Year Posted 2018

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Have You Ever Melted Into Life

Have you ever Melted into life?

I have one question I must ask you all
Have you ever felt a wondrous glow
It is something oh, so wonderful
It touches one and forces him to grow
It helps the breath of God bring in the silence
That brings upon us stillness in the air
It takes one far away from any violence
As you find beauty it is everywhere

Have you sat amidst the trees, and flowers
And felt the morning breeze caress your skin
Have you felt the magic and the power
And felt a symphony in you begin
As the birds sing out their morning song
And you sit beneath a Banksia tree
Do you get a feeling you belong?
As you melt into life's mystery

Have you ever sat there all alone
Away from all the many kinds of din
It’s lovely to just sit there on one’s own
It’s perfect their for looking deep within
Have you ever melted into life’s sweet joy
And let the stillness open your heart wide
There is nothing this beauty can destroy
Everything it seems is deified

17 December 2018

Copyright © sidney dugan | Year Posted 2018

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I Love To Feel God's Mystery

I love To Feel Gods Mystery

It’s such a lovely place to be
In a garden filled with flowers
Mother nature has such power
I love to feel God’s mystery

I love to be alone with me
Listening to the morning song
I love to hear birds all day long
I love to feel Gods mystery

I love to sit and look and see
A river flow beneath the sun
I love it when the day is done
I love to feel God’s mystery

I love to see a lonesome tree
Dancing, and swaying with the breeze
I love a forest filled with trees
I love to feel God’s mystery

I love to see a buzzing bee
Milking pollen from a flower
I love it when rain does shower
I love to feel God’s mystery

Copyright © sidney dugan | Year Posted 2019

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Only you

Only you
You, my lovely angel
Be a rose of rarity
I’ll be mesmerized by your sweet love
Until eternity
I give to you this heart of mine
Please guard it tenderly
And know, that you, my darling one
Be the greatest part of me.
I was born upon this Earth
So one day we should meet
Without you, I’d be half a man
I would not be complete
Because it be my destiny
That we should be together
And ride upon the crest of life
Through every kind of weather.
There will never be another
Who walks upon this Earth
That ever could compare to you
Cause you, you have such worth
You be in every breath I take
And in everything I do
There’s only one thing makes me spark
And that’s my love for you.

Copyright © sidney dugan | Year Posted 2018

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Truth It Conquers lies

Truth It conquers Lies

What is it in this evil world?
Where we are living now
What is our world, then coming to
Can we stop it all somehow?
Poisons spread by those who lead
In the water, and the food
I wonder what we all would see
If these things were really viewed

I’ve studied what’s been going on
By hearing what’s been said
By people with sincerity
Who walk with dangerous tread
They tell us what is happening
And I can tell you this
I would surely trust these guys
They tell it how it is

I look into the leader’s eyes
 I Just see lies, that’s all
Most of them have reptile eyes
They who rule now soon will fall
For truth Is always going to win
And evil it will lose
So, read the words of sincere Folk
Then find out who you’ll choose

David Icke, and Max Igan
They’re always on the net
Read them if you have the time
Then you’ll have no regrets
You’ll learn of what is going on
For these guys speak from truth
Then as the months they do move on
You’re bound to find the proof

14 January 209

Copyright © sidney dugan | Year Posted 2019

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The coming of joy

The Coming Of Joy

Once I was loud, and thought oh, so much
My mind it just wandered in circles
There was no sleep at night, I was brim filled with thoughts
Oh' I was not peaceful at all
Then one day I did take a long look within
And asked me the question 'who am I'
That's when I found joy that lived there within me
Oh how that joy made me cry

Twas then came the stillness, the silence was sweet
The transformation opened me wide
I danced with the truth, with joy in my heart
As along with the circles I'd ride
I found me such peace as love touched my heart
Oh' love was a beautiful thing
That sweet inner search it brought me awake
To me a new world did it bring

That was long ago that all this did come
And made me the way that I be
I live now in nature I praise all of life
And drink in sweet Gods mystery
Now I want to spread all this sweet joy around
As I live in this grand world of grace
I greet all those folk that bump into me
with a beautiful smile on my face

26 November 2018

Copyright © sidney dugan | Year Posted 2018

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In The Warmth Of The Morning

In The Warmth Of The Evening

Within the mystery of dusk
As those frogs are singing sweetly
I am sitting in my garden
And I’m off my head completely
But not with wine, nor smoking drugs
I am high with life itself
A wondrous silence touches me
It’s a lovely shade of wealth

The day has been so hot today
About forty centigrade
As I just sit here Quietly
And watch the daylight fade
As those frogs they play their melody
Like a song of destiny
I’m so alive and opened wide
And I feel so fancy free

Though the evening is so still
and is as hot as Hell
I watch those frogs around this pond
Where they always do dwell
As I see a star fall from the sky
Such a lovely night like this 
It fills me up with tender joy
How, lovely is this bliss

26 December 2018

Copyright © sidney dugan | Year Posted 2018

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The River

The River

The river Gently flowing in the moonlight
The stars like diamonds gazing from above
And life it seemed so vast
All present and all past
As all existence glowed with mystic love

I felt those velvet raindrops as they touched me
Caressing my soft skin to make it glow
Sweet mystery astounds
Such beauty all around
And all that ever was it seemed to flow


I searched so deep within to find the answers
As tears they softly flowed from happy eyes
And that peace it was so deep
My life felt so complete
As all around the rain fell from the skies

And then it came, I felt that truth within me
That I was nought, and yet so very much
As that truth within my soul
It made me feel so whole
As love looked down and filled me with its touch

Copyright © sidney dugan | Year Posted 2018

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I Love To Write The Truth

I Love To Write The Truth

I've always been a writer
It's what I've always done
I've written things all through my life
I guess that I'm the one
Who's always been creative
This is a need in me
I write just what I'm thinking
With my words I am free

As I look all around me
And write just how I feel
Then paste my rhyme for folk to see
As my words are always real
I look at all that's in the air
And write it how it is
It could be about misery
Or I might write on bliss

I always have to tell the truth
With my integrity
I do not care what others think
That kind of bloke I be
When I think that things are bad
And the world ain't treated right
I write it down for all to see
This gives me much delight

25 November 2018

Copyright © sidney dugan | Year Posted 2018

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HowI Do Love You

Balasi Stanza

How I do Love You

Oh, how I love to be
Caught in this symphony
A sweet melody of bliss
Oh how I do love you
No love could be this true
I just want to tell you this
You’re everything to me
My girl of mystery
How I love to feel your kiss

You’re all a manl could need
You’re of a ‘One of’ breed
You’re my Rose, my song so sweet
I’ll always love you so
Each day my love does grow
There’s no one that I could meet
Could thrill me like you do
Oh, I love you so true
Just to know you is a treat

Copyright © sidney dugan | Year Posted 2018