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Best Poems Written by Sandra Weiss

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Be Still

When chaos reigns, there is misguided freewill.
Separate yourself from the crowd, learn to be still.

Be willing to take the lead, but be able to follow too.
Make an informed decision, and see it through.

Be unbreakable but know how to bend.
Be able to start, but be able to end.

There is a way to be strong, at the same time soft.
Find a way to turn it on, but don't forget to turn it off.

Give whenever and whatever you can give,
make it part of you and the way you live.

Seek answers for what you want to know.
Throughout your life, continue to grow.

Find your place in the world, wherever it may be.
Never take for granted, your right to be free.

A time may come, and you know it will.
You will be glad that you learned... to be still.

Copyright © Sandra L. Weiss | Year Posted 2018

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Cruel Words

Words can be cruel,
when they are fueled by hate.
They become a vicious tool.
I sadly found out too late.

I did not want to believe.
What he had established as real.
Knowing what he hoped to achieve.
Everything good, he hoped to steal.

Words can cause pain, 
Especially when attached to a lie.
The more they hurt, the more they gain.
All of this, they find a way to justify.

Telling their story for anyone to hear.
Encourages them to go on.
Blatant lies without any fear.
Vast destruction and beyond.

When everything was stripped away.
What was left  beside my good name?
But there was more that I had to pay.
In his ugly, twisted game.

Who I was, who I was thought to be.
Bears little resemblance to who I am now.
Being humiliated, I find not much left of me.
I want the truth to be known...but how?

Copyright © Sandra L. Weiss | Year Posted 2020

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Inner Light

My soul is trapped, unable to get free.
Under the shattered pieces of my heart.
Darkness where inner light should be.
Without the light my soul will fall apart.

How am I to fill the emptiness within?
The love once there, I have had to deny.
No hope for healing to begin
Without love or light my soul will die.

Copyright © Sandra L. Weiss | Year Posted 2019

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Wings of an Angel

up in the clouds I saw an angel
so glorious in the blue sky
her white wings, amid the clouds
she was poised to fly high
her dress was floating
as she passed by
clouds and sky
pure grace

Copyright © Sandra L. Weiss | Year Posted 2019

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The Beautiful Sea

I lost my heart to the ocean.
The first time we met, I knew.
I was drawn by its endless motion.
In awe of it's magnificant view.

I watched as waves rolled onto the sand.
I felt the cold sea spray on my face.
I had never been where ocean met land.
A vision that nothing could ever erase.

The waves with their rhythm of ebb and flow
What they brought in, they then carried away.
Their tales from the beginning of time we don't know.
Their underwater secrets, not ever on display.

The vastness and power of this great sea.
Rendered me speechless, and feeling small.
I could feel the spell that it cast over me.
I knew that I would always answer its call.

The ocean sings a song, for all to hear.
It's music finds that empty place inside
It's age old melody draws you near.
As the water dances along with the tide.

On this island my dream became real.
Peace and contentment have found me.
Life's many wounds will finally heal.
Forever surrounded by the beautiful sea.

Copyright © Sandra L. Weiss | Year Posted 2021

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Ocean Sunrise

Night's darkness fading away.
The dawn alive with light.
Tempting us with a beautiful day.
Sunrise, promises such delight.

The sun chose colors to paint the sky.
Gold and orange filtered through the mist.
Not a cloud was was seen passing by.
The first bit of daylight, wakes us with a kiss.

The sky, now a brighter orange and red, 
 fills the horizon with such vivid hue.
As if there was a raging fire instead,
of nature's own good morning view.

Above the sea, the sun casts a sparkling hello.
The waves dance and curl in the morning light.
Prisms of color appear pink, red, and yellow.
Sunrise upon the ocean, a magnificent sight.

Copyright © Sandra L. Weiss | Year Posted 2019

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Fool's Gold

I keep in mind, what I want a true friend to be.
Someone who proves they are loyal to me

To know that honesty, is part of who they are.
They will travel life's journey with you, no matter how far.

They see you, the real you, the bad and the good,
They know what you are all about, it's understood.

A heart of pure gold, is what you hope to find.
Not an imposter, or the "fool's gold" kind.

Copyright © Sandra L. Weiss | Year Posted 2018

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The Night I Danced Upon the Sea

I had a dream that I was dancing on the waves in the ocean.
I was wearing a gilded dress from Neptune's treasure chest.
I danced, I twirled, so graceful, I was poetry in motion
I was ever so light as I barely touched down on each crest.

Whales swimming miles away, came closer to see,
what all of the hoopla and frivolity was about.
They arrived, singing their lovely song, just to accompany me.
Their song, the music, my dancing, a hit that night, no doubt.

A pod of Dolphins, swimming in their usual straight line,
Heard the music, saw the dancing, and decided to stay
For who else to be my dancing partners, they dance divine.
Amid the dancing, the dolphins and whales began to play.

As I tripped the light fantastic, I suddenly woke in mid leap.
I found myself on the floor the sheets tangled around me.
I was pondering the dream, no chance for more sleep.
I will not easily forget the night that I danced upon the sea.

Copyright © Sandra L. Weiss | Year Posted 2018

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America, Be Proud

Happy birthday America, Happy 4th of July.
Show the red, white and blue, high against the sky.

Over 200 years ago it was put forth to right a wrong.
A new concept, a democracy, powerful and strong.

According to this doctrine, we have done what we had to do.
History was recorded, to prove it all to be true.

To this day, we continue to fight for the right to be free.
As the founding fathers created and established it to be.

We all have our beliefs, to agree or disagree.
I respect yours, please do the same for me.

So let us raise our voices over that of the crowd.
We are the United States of America!
And of that, we are proud!

Copyright © Sandra L. Weiss | Year Posted 2018

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Tribute to a Friend

At times when we are weary, our mind is in a fog.
And we need a little kindness, we look around for our dog.

We can depend on them, a friend tried and true.
All they ask in return is a friendly word from you.

They listen to our troubles, when we're feeling sad.
Always glad to see us, whether things are good or bad.

Notice how they follow along, wherever you go,
The wagging of their tail, when you get a ball to throw.

They seem to understand everything you say, 
and they know you so well, your every little way.

It makes no difference, whether large or small,
they love you fiercely, and answer to your call.

You turn to look at them, they are looking at you.
With eyes so bright, their love shining through.

They gladly do whatever you want them to.
And would give their life, in order to protect you.

Can you ask that of any other soul?
They give not a piece of their heart, but the whole.

Your dog, your companion, your pet, your friend,
a bond so strong, not even in death, will it end. 

Copyright © Sandra L. Weiss | Year Posted 2018