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Sea Social Poems

These Sea Social poems are examples of Social poems about Sea. These are the best examples of Social Sea poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Most Famous Prophetess In England
Year 1488
Daring to hide it in verses and score,
Mother Shipton predicted her scrolls would not be understood until years after her body’s release.
Read aloud by...

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Categories: social, inspiration, london, mystery, perspective,

Red Phone Box
I liked its comforting and quiet
Enclosure from the time and rain
Designed to be impossible to sleep in 
(Some vagrant friends reported miseries)
Shutting out the rest...

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© John Blake  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: change, england, social, travel,

Mine Nightmare With Social Anxiety
Mine Nightmare With Social Anxiety,...
Now Mostly Purged

Decades removed when body electric
felt tortured reverberated, and quaked
with MegaDeath repercussions tattooing, 
piercing, foisting, ensnaring, drubbing
drum beat indelibly...

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Categories: social, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Penguin
A penguin at the end
Of his tuxedoed queue
Is bumped into the sea
By feathered icepack friends
To see if death swims near.

If little loner lives
To swim about...

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Categories: social, animal, betrayal, nature, relationship,

The villages will grow into cities
The sky starts where is the end of the city
Indeed, the villages are growing into cities
Riding the colourful balloons, 
country is now really flying !...

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Categories: social, anger, community, corruption, evil,

Father in Law
He had no garments old or new 
that didn’t have a hole burnt through
from sparks when he lit up his pipe
and nearly set himself alight.

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Categories: social, character, grandchild, sad love,

Biafra the Rising Sun
How long shall I be in babylon and sing a song of hope and weariness?
Whence my heart perishes in servitude,
I have been debased to infra...

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Categories: social, bullying, history, hope, humanity,

I Flew in the Afternoon Skies
Looking for North Star.
I Swam across the Oceans
Mistaking Submarines for Whales.

I Followed a Random Road,
To a Dead End.
I Ran through...

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Categories: people, sea, social, society,

Stormy cloud of a poet's mind
Words like rain dripping,
creating pools of poems
one after the another.
Stormy cloud of a poets mind,
only what is right is written down.
It’s not fame sought 

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Categories: analogy, passion, social, society,

Defunctive smoke
From the brain
Rankles the soul:
An eternity of ignorance.

There are no marrams for skin.

Marquetry of bones
Intricacy assumes
Hoodwinking eyes
That see only nudes.

Whining gin.

Phthisic mind
Transhumanizes darkness
Swaddling rain

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© Pin Dew  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, allusion, dark, horror, philosophy,

You don't have to be high or drunk
to enjoy yourself in this town.
The deep, blue ocean;
a variety of sea cuisines;
friendly people;
cool, ocean, breeze;
aura of liberation.....

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Categories: social, beach, imagery, nature, ocean,

Street Goddess
A congregation of devotees, saffron sea, 
passes by her, much to her glee;
Not for the Goddess they are revering for
but the food, it has been...

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Categories: social,

Premium Member The Tide
They thought i was disabled by choice, not by veracious right, 
They thought, ‘cos i objected to medicine’s lady, 
But my parents were both a...

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Categories: social, child abuse, computer, games,

Do you mean it
Walking down the street 
You held my hand
Little trembling me
So afraid of the world 

I remember when it was cold
Like a negative 32 degrees or...

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Categories: social, appreciation, art, dad, father,

Premium Member Relaxing, tranquil start to a day
Every morning we wake and sit in the sun,
Warming our legs since this day has begun.
Sipping our tea and having a smoke,
Talking about holidays and...

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Categories: adventure, journey, morning, social,

Dominican Traffic
Copyright © 2015

This crazy rush hour traffic, traffic
like swimming the Caribbean Sea,
in these streets you don't wanna be.
Headlights brighter than spaceships,
spaceships, these drivers make you

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© Les Pruitt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, adventure, corruption, culture, humor,

The invisible war, cataclysmic bombardments of frequencies,
digital layers, decrypted upon logical analysis with ease.  
The spectrum of light, manipulated by the thoughts of man,...

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Categories: computer, social, spoken word,

A Kowloon Sea
  In Liverpool, England, there is one street containing 
all the Chinese restaurants, side to side, back to back
and stinking drain to sea.
where once...

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Categories: social, business, celebration, community, confusion,

While looking at the vast blue sky,
I can imagine myself
Sitting against a tree,
Watching the sea
And hearing the sound of the waves.
It still questions my mind...

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Categories: social, creation, imagination, life, loneliness,

Let Go
A long list of names with not a friend among them
Is it just of book of hidden faces
Forgotten faces?
Not a single word I've ever said...

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© Jane Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, betrayal, cry, dark, death,