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Science Social Poems

These Science Social poems are examples of Social poems about Science. These are the best examples of Social Science poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Earth Restoration Game
When we encounter problems
in daily relationships,
as all species and individuals do,
from healthy time to wealthy RightBrain systemic rhyme,
practicing nutritional v toxic awareness
facilitates RealTime health preparedness

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Categories: social, games, health, integrity, political,

Premium Member Upon Your Arrival

Stillness, save a twittering bird ...

Hand on clarity, hardness - fingers spread
Opposing - jets of oily black octopus ink, (resembling)
Manipulated, channeled ... barbed circles coalesce

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Categories: social, beauty, fantasy, language, science

Social Media
Pulse...zenith...drums...a shattering shudder
Words...Zion...neat...the platter unuttered
Thoughts zealots speak that magnets can't cover

Hatred, Hatred, Hatred and then...
What one friend begins as trend then ends as...
That someone that...

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Categories: social, introspection,

Ode To The Introvert
Sometimes folks will go and pity us,
“Come out of your shell!”they always cry,
forgetting that it you do that to a turtle
the poor beast is going...

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Categories: social, crazy, how i feel,

Premium Member Social Climbing Jacob's Ladder
I wrestle with against vulnerable boundaries
to invasive intimacy,
left unlanguaged yet right felt dismay
could not sustainably remain
without being said outloudlyish
in some bicameral bilateral bipolar balancing brainiac

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Categories: social, culture, health, humor, integrity,

Keep Me Good Company
Keep Me Good Company…

From spiraling into unconstructive decay, 
Plugging my volcano of negative gossip & hearsay, 
Planting productive advice...

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Categories: social, best friend, destiny, environment,

Premium Member Social and AntiSocial Capital
like a good creole stew,
are amazingly viral cooperators,
competitively so,
reacclimating tastes toward richer anticipations.

We have all heard of social capital
and natural capital,
of social democrats as antisocial...

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Categories: social, culture, earth, health, language,

Designing a plan to conquer your fears could be called calculated bravery,
Designing a plan to conquer your atmosphere may be called calculated slavery.


Protruding emotions can...

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Categories: social, africa, america, confidence, courage,


To a little girl, a pink dressed doll and cooking-set to play
To a little boy, toys are guns and cars they...

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Categories: people, social, society,

A place with no banners
Where I am is not for you,
Your banner does not wave here,
do not knock on this door,
don't tread on my space.

Your hands are not welcome...

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Categories: social, america, betrayal, conflict, freedom,

To move on
love isn't a mask for sex
its the person who could make your life a success
lust is just pleasure you don't ever need to like each...

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Categories: social, cheer up, confidence, happy,

the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love

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© A.O. Taner  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, adventure, car, change, confusion,

One is love, 
Zero is everything else. 


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© A.O. Taner  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, beautiful, cheer up, computer,


A belief in the mind 
Learned from another kind
Baseless only a customary
Born from cultural shine

Easy to preach but difficult to practice
Educated brain and grown up...

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Categories: social,

follow on facebook,
adore on pinterest,
fall in love on instagram,
kiss on a hunch,
all under a tree....

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© A.O. Taner  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, addiction, april, best friend,

Premium Member A Conversation With An Ape
If an ape came into my living room, 
And could talk fluently and converse, 
I’d speak with him about sociology, 
Or to her about avoiding...

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Categories: social, animal, home, love, relationship,

Solving The Right Equation
Equations also refer to a specific human connection,
they must always be equal and have a balance in concept;  
if all women are thought to...

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Categories: social, appreciation, computer, conflict, confusion,

Premium Member Interactions And Returns
What you give, you will get back in return, 
If you are nice to someone, and you leave it, 
They’ll be nice back to you...

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Categories: inspirational, life, science, social,

Premium Member The Existence of God
He’s not real as in physical or proactive, 
And he’s even manifested, evinced and embodied by people   
Where is god, I cannot locate...

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Categories: social, feelings, god, identity, philosophy,

CyberPoetry: ElectroMagneticPrayer
Electromagnetic spectrum, forgive us of our transgressive Trojans, 
as we forgive those for sending viruses, malware and spam to us.  
The configuration of inert...

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Categories: psychological, science, social, technology,