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School Social Poems

These School Social poems are examples of Social poems about School. These are the best examples of Social School poems written by international poets.

Plastic People
In the silicone era with the translucent sheen
From some college puke's dorm room, onto your screen

Your tweets, your memes, your high school, your blues
A new...

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Categories: social, betrayal, freedom, humanity, psychological,

Life Course
At school they always told you:
to follow your dreams, 
but they never mentioned you:
how expensive they are, 
selling your soul to live in the devils...

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Categories: life, metaphor, social, society,

Hate Mail

It comes to you in the post
the first day you’re born
certified and normalized your invoice of sale 
in Christmas cards sent you
while you’re at school

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Categories: people, social, society,

Premium Member THE EDGE OF NIGHT

Mom had six children
when she moved far from the nest
to a remote area without relatives or friends
Her lifestyle suddenly changed
from urban to rustic setting
Playing the...

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Categories: social, change, day, life, mother,

Sometimes I eat my lunch alone
Where no one is nearby
So many friends have disappeared
Despite how hard I try

But the train has left the station
'Cause I...

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Categories: social, 9th grade, anxiety, fear,

Mine Nightmare With Social Anxiety
Mine Nightmare With Social Anxiety,...
Now Mostly Purged

Decades removed when body electric
felt tortured reverberated, and quaked
with MegaDeath repercussions tattooing, 
piercing, foisting, ensnaring, drubbing
drum beat indelibly...

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Categories: social, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Song for Us
Heard a song in the car today 
'Bout girls that cheer and boys that play
They were their town's kings and queens
And everyone that knows them...

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Categories: high school, school, social,

How I am, me
It's written with neurons what you feel, 
it's your cells, your very inner being,
you think it's going to change tomorrow, 
can't use your school eraser...

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Categories: social, character, destiny, emotions, i

Premium Member Gun
It’s my God given right
Said the man with a gun.
If I need it to fight
It’ll sure make that you run.
The 2nd amendment gives
The right to...

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Categories: america, social, society,

Premium Member Thanks to FaceBook
Marigold Oger grew up without a mama, this pretty girl with eyes of greenish blue.
Because her mama died unexpectedly in the middle of a dark...

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Categories: social, for her, friend, friendship,

Premium Member Sharpen Those Social Skills - INSTANTLY
Are you socially awkward or totally British?
Does small talk just make you feel nervous and skittish?
On the school run, the bus, in the office each...

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Categories: social, fun, funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member Ghost of the College Loan
“Do you believe in ghosts?” Said a voice within my ear,
As each hair upon my skin stood still in sweating fear.

“Drip, drop,” said the voice...

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Categories: social, america, anxiety, death, school,

Kummerspeck: Lisandro's Song
(Lisandro's Song)

Little Lisandro (he's white, don't get
sits at a desk in a schoolroom he'd rather not be in
forced by people he doesn't know
to do what...

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Categories: social, society, solitude,

Premium Member The Suave Social Laboratory
Welcome to our social laboratory!
Oops! We meant our school.
We have a lofty agenda.
Radical change is our rule.

Entrust us with your offspring.
For them, we know what’s...

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Categories: social, betrayal, bullying, change, children,

Social Status Effect
Miscommunication, is fabrication of reality
When actually it’s a matter of perspective.
She was a standout, with a name similar to yours
With pure intentions, painful convictions but...

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Categories: social, deep, high school, internet,

Swollen Pride
My big mouth
earned me a black eye
When I got into a foolish fight,
in the school cafeteria,
over a disputed last piece of pie
Came home and tried...

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Categories: angst, introspection, school, social,

Where does it commence?
Some think it's the four walls of the school
But, I bear to differ even with this sentence
Guess what, it begins with the...

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Categories: social, africa, appreciation, education, international,

School Life
To be in school is every child’s dream
Like a duck who wants to be in stream

Just wearing a complete uniform
Feels like I’m a creature of...

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Categories: social,

What's going on in the sky ?
Some dripped down into my eye.
Birds fall to the ground.
It doesn't stop - something profound.
My lungs just feel ablaze.

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Categories: environment, health, people, social,

You grow up wondering what it's like
To be that person everyone likes
You go from school to school
Trying to fit in and be "cool"
But it comes...

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Categories: care, school, self, social,