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Mother Social Poems

These Mother Social poems are examples of Social poems about Mother. These are the best examples of Social Mother poems written by international poets.

Whoever said a mother’s love for her child,
Is unconditional,
Never met my mother.
They never had the experience
The white hot tip of her sword-like tongue,
Cutting out my...

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Categories: social, anxiety, dark, deep, depression,

when we doubt
 we doubt each other
when we hurt
 we hurt each other
when we talk
  we talk behind each other
when we go to war

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Categories: social, break up, culture, deep,

when we doubt
 we doubt each other
when we hurt
 we hurt each other
when we talk
  we talk behind each other
when we go to war

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Categories: social, break up, culture, deep,

Premium Member Most Famous Prophetess In England
Year 1488
Daring to hide it in verses and score,
Mother Shipton predicted her scrolls would not be understood until years after her body’s release.
Read aloud by...

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Categories: social, inspiration, london, mystery, perspective,

Hate Mail

It comes to you in the post
the first day you’re born
certified and normalized your invoice of sale 
in Christmas cards sent you
while you’re at school

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Categories: people, social, society,

Premium Member THE EDGE OF NIGHT

Mom had six children
when she moved far from the nest
to a remote area without relatives or friends
Her lifestyle suddenly changed
from urban to rustic setting
Playing the...

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Categories: social, change, day, life, mother,

Angry Young Man
He grits his teeth as he walks the street,
Striking out of fear he cannot explain, trying to ease his pain.
Living in a world he did...

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Categories: anger, social,

Premium Member Thanks to FaceBook
Marigold Oger grew up without a mama, this pretty girl with eyes of greenish blue.
Because her mama died unexpectedly in the middle of a dark...

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Categories: social, for her, friend, friendship,

Just Another Day in a Genocide
Dark gray metal and bullet holes
and you can’t walk on the streets,
the wailing and moaning
and the mothers cries,
the soldiers laughter as they smoke another cigarette.

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Categories: social, discrimination, hate, prejudice, racism,

Drinker's Mother
I found poison sweeter 
Than to be called Drinker's Mother 
It was second time You came home 
Caprenetoid and open buttons
When you came home like...

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Categories: addiction, age, grief, social,

Make America White Again
"Make America White Again"
Will never make any sense
Despite the tweets of "GENIUS" Trump
Or Republicans like Pence

Brown-skinned people filled this land
From one end to the other...

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Categories: social, discrimination, history, humanity, immigration,

Red Lights
Where did I leave that serenity behind, that made me smile?
Now these red lights choke, the blood's dried, human venom reigns,
I cant dream in this...

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Categories: social, child abuse, dark, daughter,

You Rest in Peace
You Rest in Peace Dear Friend's Mom

Purity was your veil of affection for us,
Utterance of yours was tender and right,
Righteousness was your path we followed,

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Categories: appreciation, death, funeral, social,

Girl With Dreams
As blissful as ocean,
Yet as lonely as shore;
As strong as stone,
Yet as still as mountain;
As silent as tree,
Yet, like leaves, fighting with her inner self...

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Categories: social, discrimination, gender, girl, power,

Premium Member Social NonDarwinists
We need to talk.

Is this one of those times
where you need to talk
and I must pretend to listen
while you rant?

Well, yes,
if you could extend this...

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Categories: social, environment, gospel, health, humor,

Save The World
Have we lost control
All hell follow through
Taking it to the edge
Slaves to ride

Can't do much more
Crying for the world
War and terror
Freedom risked on wager

Weary and...

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© Nick Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, community, death, international, life,

I Must Call You
Oh my dear pal you are just like moon
You wait my dear I must call you soon.
Little light calm time is sparking night,
Oh my dear...

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Categories: friendship, life, love, social,

Seeking Me
So the dices are rolled
The brave and the bold
What shall ye be
A story untold?

A joke
A legend
A hero
A warrior

All possible within one life
Maybe a Mother a...

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Categories: social, adventure, age, analogy, beautiful,

An Unspoken Bond
Times have changed, much for the worse.
Familiar understanding, a vestige of the past.
A bond of lineage, of common mother land.
Unified through generations, now all alone.


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Categories: social, betrayal, family, loss, nostalgia,

My Mother was a woman, my Father was a man
it didn't take a court to rule, for it was in Gods plan
Nothing's ever perfect, mistakes...

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© Pete Yuhas  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, gender, how i feel,