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Lost Social Poems

These Lost Social poems are examples of Social poems about Lost. These are the best examples of Social Lost poems written by international poets.

Lifes Not How I Was thought It Would Be
When I was young I was the nicest guy I knew
I thought that was the only way to be
As the days and years went by...

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Categories: deep, depression, social, society,

Plastic People
In the silicone era with the translucent sheen
From some college puke's dorm room, onto your screen

Your tweets, your memes, your high school, your blues
A new...

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Categories: social, betrayal, freedom, humanity, psychological,

Red Phone Box
I liked its comforting and quiet
Enclosure from the time and rain
Designed to be impossible to sleep in 
(Some vagrant friends reported miseries)
Shutting out the rest...

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© John Blake  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: change, england, social, travel,

Ballot II
I’m fascinated by the show 
I don’t understand it 
But, I am entertained 
It’s truly a circus to behold 
To watch the clueless and the...

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© Eric Nolan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, humanity, november, people, political,

Social Media
The information age and social media 
are both important indeed. On one side there's love, 
and the other side greed. The advancement of 
mankind's truly...

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Categories: social, blessing,

Words without manners
Lost In Words

In the heat of the moment.

Simple Mind of compassion
A laugh or a joke in civilization

Taken to the extreme of insult
Righteous minds almost start...

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Categories: emotions, feelings, social, society,

Spiritedly Distilling Social Graces
Puberty set off affright
seeding decades long
     terrestrial space flight
freighted existential blight,
wherefore from that
attempt to live airtight
many scores yesternight
ago, I barely (except


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Categories: social, 11th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member Six-Word Couplet Series

twixt and tween
the words unseen

the missing lines
a thought defines

An elegant twist
of handwriting wrist

The lost embrace
of “face to face”

Two grouchy turtles
discussing life’s hurdles

Barred entry...

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Categories: humor, social,

I say a lot of things but little of it has any meaning
These daily words and conversations are all too quick and fleeting
But NEVER say...

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Categories: conflict, perspective, political, social,

Someone Else's Home
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski

We've gone too far: from fields, meadows and forests,
from the source, from the roots - in the mad quest for money,
since one...

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Categories: life, sad, social, society,

Identity crisis
Lost Identity:

Missing someone?

Or missing you?

What if you on social media are far away from you?

Wanting of recognition or fear of being derecognized?

Losing yourself in rewarded...

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Categories: identity, social,

Touch Screen
We used to click without clicks
We embraced and bumped fists
We killed time on the side walk
We saw each other just to talk 

We used to...

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Categories: social, addiction, computer, internet, lost,

Premium Member Hidden in Plain View
It’s a place for affairs,
A gathering place
That for centuries has graced town squares.

The Market—it’s social,
Brimming with culture
In cities or towns, on mountains or coastal.

There—barter's real,

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Categories: culture, missing, social, society,

Premium Member Progress and Development
Progress and Development

How we miss those lovely, verdant scenes 
of woodlands that framed our riversides; 
rich, with hearty trees and creature life...
callously mowed down, destroyed


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Categories: animal, environment, social, stress,

Bank balance
My bank balance
Stood as a false idol 

Insurmountable as bubblegums
The smack of my lips

A Hallelujah
Heralding a full tummy

My fingers lost in wrappers
Spun a yarn
A garment...

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Categories: funny, social,

Praying For Less

Another quaint conversation
with Les C. Moore

Boy, I tell you,
people who say they don’t want more problems,
sure got a funny way of praying
They always be asking...

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Categories: humorous, social, truth, wisdom,

Hedonic Treadmill
Insatiable thirst and hunger
A bottomless materialistic pit
Always something for nothing
Prop your feet up; you’re the shit

Narcissist lazy behavior
Spoiled childish attitude
Snowflakes; everybody’s a winner
Except for people...

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Categories: america, conflict, social, wisdom,

Premium Member NEW HORIZONS
a frantic
of fatigue..

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Categories: social, stress,

Premium Member Once, when I was beautiful
Once, when I was beautiful, 
I was stunning, perfect to behold,
When I was beautiful, inside I was dead, 
I was numb, barren, cold,

Unable to feel...

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Categories: social, judgement, lost love, self,

Ode To A Snooty Tart
Be vile a while with wanton style
Revolt me with depravity
Play your odious charm with cute
Nefarious intensity
And then I'll be your loverboy
Of cold contemptibility

Strut down to...

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Categories: dedication, people, social, ,