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Inspiration Social Poems

These Inspiration Social poems are examples of Social poems about Inspiration. These are the best examples of Social Inspiration poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Most Famous Prophetess In England
Year 1488
Daring to hide it in verses and score,
Mother Shipton predicted her scrolls would not be understood until years after her body’s release.
Read aloud by...

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Categories: social, inspiration, london, mystery, perspective,

Premium Member Expresso Expression
Perched aft coddling harpoon
prime fodder for the spoon
Inept spun magnamous tale
tip scale fifty ton humongous whale 
Maniacal grin leave ya in my wake
comical sin I...

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Categories: perspective, social,

UBI, what if I'm missing the necessary Solve it, opportunity for statues Long version
On this UBI's Day, May 1st, to observe the greatest socioeconomic concept ever conceived.

UBI, what if I'm missing the necessary.
Solve it, opportunity for statues.
Long version...

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Categories: social, change, freedom, giving, humanity,

Premium Member Sweet Surrender
Addiction began as recreational adventure
Meandered into misdemeanor or slow suicide
Incorrectly blamed substance as offender
Neither love nor deep down agony contender
Sickness of mind, body and soul...

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Categories: social, abuse, addiction, adventure, conflict,

Signing Off

After all the love
the fear and hate
the final condemnation
religious exhortation
separation, division
inspiration and defamation 
the truth the lies
and conspiratorial denials
the didn’t know but should know
the informational...

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Categories: social,

A Part Of Me
If you wish to be
a part of me...then you must
tell me your story

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Categories: friendship, inspiration, social, trust,

A modern form
No frames of Arts
No articulation of the tongue to fight
low enough to skip
the storm

Sing the silence

A circular dream that does not want to be woken...

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Categories: imagination, inspiration, social, society,

The Fireside
By the hearth whether given stolen or made                 ...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, community, fire, imagination, inspiration,

if each tomorrow 
were the same as
each yesterday
what would you have done 
 - today?

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© A.O. Taner  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, dark, deep, fear, heaven,

Isn't It Ironic
Don't you find it ironic?
Isn't it ironic?

As time progresses,
   this baby boomer generation
   has been exposed to radio, newspapers, magazines.
Each media...

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© DM Babbit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: community, computer, social,

Well Done
Well Done

All used to assure me well done guy
I was not enough in that running high
The way they backed up if was fullest
Why now too...

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Categories: meaningful, relationship, smile, social,

Lifeless creed
What should I do? 
Should I give up my dream? 
Should I follow the stream? 
Should I become less extreme? 

What should I do? 

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Categories: social, courage, inspiration, judgement, leadership,

Premium Member The Social Issue
Healing, making well, curing, relating to a paralytic, exorcising demons
MLK laid the path for black rights and equality  
Was Jesus social issue not the...

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Categories: social, bible, black african american,

"Hope",a little birdie you,

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Categories: social, hope, how i feel,

the drive
I drive the hill trying not to spill. But yet I still prove I’m for real. As rain begins to fall making the road a...

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Categories: social, car, cool, crazy, inspiration,

I'm Not Living In Stealth Mode
my image might be a fright in your sight
but that doesn't mean I bite

I don't have a college degree
But that doesn't mean I am not...

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Categories: social, character, heart, hero, inspiration,

The Flag
Hoisted high above the ground
Floating in the gentle breeze
Colors and symbols depict a message
That some reject, but others please

Be it local or in a foreign...

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Categories: bible, inspiration, patriotic, social,

Premium Member Off to Help the Neighbor
Off to Help the Neighbor
By Franklin Price

Off to help the neighbor
As soon as this is done
You won't believe the teen he is
He's really number one


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Categories: social, friendship, inspiration, philosophy, religious,

When you have nothing
When you have nothing

When you have nothing, its looks like you are nothing
?When you have nothing, sky looks like hanging
?When you have nothing, friend starts...

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Categories: social, god, identity, inspiration, love,

[Disclaimer: The poem does not intend to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments. It is purely for the purpose of entertainment, art and awareness.]

[Note : - If...

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Categories: social, analogy, art, clothes, religious,