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Happiness Social Poems

These Happiness Social poems are examples of Social poems about Happiness. These are the best examples of Social Happiness poems written by international poets.

Some People Think
Some people think that if your opinion is different than theirs that you have no right to exist and what you say has no value...

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Categories: introspection, life, political, social,

Smile is Smile, 
Smile that makes beautiful every while, 
Gives the happiness, 
Vanishes the Sadness! 

A smile is a cheer to everyone, 
A smile is...

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Categories: social, 10th grade, 6th grade,

Social Media
The information age and social media 
are both important indeed. On one side there's love, 
and the other side greed. The advancement of 
mankind's truly...

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Categories: social, blessing,

Premium Member What Matters
Friends and Peace of Mind
Will make you rich as any
Who have passed this way. 

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Categories: social, beauty, friendship, happiness, peace,

Premium Member Rhymes With Wealth
Our most resonant health opportunities
appear to be
and to always have been
our most resilient harmonic wealth investments--

Absence of unnecessary
Left-nature fighting Right-spirit
cultures of fundamental Ego v SacredMatriarchal...

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Categories: social, appreciation, caregiving, community, green,

Premium Member what's to Become
What's to Become
By Franklin Price

What's to become of all we see?
It's you for you and me for me,
That's where we are; would you agree? 

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Categories: social, america, destiny, happiness, meaningful,

The lane
That time is gone, when sorrows of others seems like ours.. problems of others ,left us scars..........But the scenario has changed when I woke, now...

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Categories: social, city, emotions, feelings, humanity,

Premium Member Psychosomatic
Degree work again! With Aberdeen University, 
Long distance, so not in strange surroundings, 
This time in the subject of my choice and tenacity,
For posterity, so...

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Categories: social, bible, education, happiness, parents,

Glorified serpent
Don't you want to be,
Like them
Running barefoot,
towards the light in
White bathrobes
And flip-flops? 
A plastic surgery resurrection 
Blistering in the sun
Like a glorified serpent 
Shedding under...

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Categories: social, dark, happiness, identity, introspection,

Defunctive smoke
From the brain
Rankles the soul:
An eternity of ignorance.

There are no marrams for skin.

Marquetry of bones
Intricacy assumes
Hoodwinking eyes
That see only nudes.

Whining gin.

Phthisic mind
Transhumanizes darkness
Swaddling rain

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Categories: social, allusion, dark, horror, philosophy,

Premium Member Malindi
You don't have to be high or drunk
to enjoy yourself in this town.
The deep, blue ocean;
a variety of sea cuisines;
friendly people;
cool, ocean, breeze;
aura of liberation.....

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Categories: social, beach, imagery, nature, ocean,

Premium Member A Social Complex
What is social complexity?
asks and answers  Robert Wright
which also reads just as right as
What is regenerative density?
to me
and perhaps to Bucky Fuller,
and then again...

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Categories: social, culture, earth, environment, happiness,

Look Who Came To Tea
Today we will have guests for tea.
Lots of guests.
Some may call it dinner,
Some may call it supper;
Some will be here because they want to be,...

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© Margo Cami  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: friend, social,


I SPEAK of Micheal Jackson King of Pop
I SPEAK of INDIDANE King of Maskandi
I SPEAK of...

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Categories: social, africa, farewell, remembrance day,

Smile in Dullness
Music… Liquor…
Make you happy… 
I can see in your eyes
Laughing in the alcohol foulness
Enjoying in the dimness  

You can enjoy only in darkness
Cannot face...

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Categories: betrayal, social, truth,

follow on facebook,
adore on pinterest,
fall in love on instagram,
kiss on a hunch,
all under a tree....

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© A.O. Taner  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, addiction, april, best friend,

Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety *a short poem* smile emoticon
Author note: For those people who don't like reading! Let's face it - not everyone likes reading these days....

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Categories: social, anger, angst, anxiety, deep,

The boy I wish to forget
His smile sends fleas crawling underneath my skin and through my veins.
His wave hits me like a slap across the face.
His, "How are you?" acts...

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Categories: social, confusion, how i feel,

Premium Member A Visit From a Social Worker
His hand reached out to mine, open, 
Holding it, I smiled, our eyes danced with understanding, 
Form and blush outlined his expectations, 
But I could...

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Categories: social, bible, care, career, christian,

Premium Member Summation
What you add up to may be less,
Than what’s inside and unseen, 
But your behaviour will determine, 
Happiness by where you've been. 

Our processes can...

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Categories: social, celebration, friendship, humorous, introspection,