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Grief Social Poems

These Grief Social poems are examples of Social poems about Grief. These are the best examples of Social Grief poems written by international poets.

Spiritedly Distilling Social Graces
Puberty set off affright
seeding decades long
     terrestrial space flight
freighted existential blight,
wherefore from that
attempt to live airtight
many scores yesternight
ago, I barely (except


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Categories: social, 11th grade, 12th grade,

Looking Through

Looking Through

Echo of time sounds out so clear
Death is just peace
No matter how far or near
True to the beholder of sand in one’s hand
Not cased...

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Categories: social, analogy, change, confusion, dedication,

Premium Member Tell them we care
Killing occurs in front of kids on crowded streets
When every conflict ends in senseless violence
And fear takes stage as death becomes routine
Looking for a meaning...

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Categories: perspective, social, society, violence,

What's the Matter With My Mind
Catharsis has left US
The silence in our thoughts is betrayed
There is no mind-over-matter--
When mindlessness is all that matters

An absence of conscience blinds US
Our grief is...

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Categories: social, allegory, america, culture, metaphor,

Premium Member Drinker's Mother
I found poison sweeter 
Than to be called Drinker's Mother 
It was second time You came home 
Caprenetoid and open buttons
When you came home like...

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Categories: addiction, age, grief, social,

Premium Member Asperges carer
It is hard living with asperges
Everything is black and white
Nothing is illogical 
Day is day and night is night

You can not read emotion 
You don't...

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Categories: social, anger, confusion, mental illness,

I bathe in ineptitude--
Adjacent to grief
Returning to folly--
I'm chasing my ghost

We're breeding dissension--
With hearts made from silence
We hire duplicity--
And, plot our demise

We yearn for relation--

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Categories: addiction, fashion, social, society,

Its Time to Play
Its time to play
Its time to play
Play through the pit
The pit of the drum
Drum fire
Fire spit through 
The flame
Terror from the eyes
All I can say...

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Categories: social, anger, culture, feelings, funny,

there are ghosts
passing by outside 
with enchanting smiles
strange and little creepy
they have no reflection
no shame, no direction
walking free
like us humans
can only dream

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Categories: social, anxiety, art, dark, grief,

Premium Member She doesn't talk to people
Hello, it’s nice to meet you, and,
What issues are on your mind?
What are the things important to you, and,
What do you keep confined?

Do you need...

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Categories: introspection, social,

Now doc assured Cindy that all would be fine
and finished the abortion at a quarter to nine.
The partial birth process was a total success
and as...

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Categories: social,

"Hope",a little birdie you,

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Categories: social, hope, how i feel,

Land of the sheep
Tombstone enscriptions 
Mindless descriptions
Conformity asked
Corruption masked
My Curiosity Tamed
Independance shamed
Always the same problems
No ways to solves solve them

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Categories: social, evil, fear, grief, innocence,

That Girl
Everyone thinks they know that girl. At 
least they think they do. 
You know that girl that makes everyone 
laugh, and is a class clown....

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Categories: social, change, conflict, courage, cry,

My house on a social pedestal
So this is my house still standing where others have fallen:
There is still the light of love inside the room, 
Peering through pinholes, our professor,...

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Categories: social,

Grief Reactions
Grief has many faces, many aspects of life’s demeanor displayed.
Real grief swells the soul, buries the mind, and stones the heart.
I have both seen and...

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Categories: social, death, depression, feelings, grief,

Is Your Foundation of LIfe Being Destroyed
Is Your Foundation of Life Being Destroyed?

Very seldom do I hear 
 any complaints.
Regarding the lacking
of moral restraints.

It seems like many are under
 some kind...

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Categories: social, character, christian, community, confusion,

Man's Corruption God's Redemption
Man's Corruption...  God's Redemption!

The Bible speaks of man's sin and corruption.
That's why God has offered us, his redemption!

The heart is desperately wicked above all...

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Categories: social, bible, character, christian, community,

There's A Web of Temptation And Sin
There’s a Web of Temptation and Sin!

There’s a web of temptation and a lot of sin…
That brings slavery and a strong bondage within!

Throughout this land,...

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Categories: social, christian, conflict, confusion, corruption,

Jesus My Life Is One HUGE Embarrassment

For many years...  My life has been
an embarrassment!
Filled with hopelessness
 and discouragement!

Many things I thought I had enjoyed...
Have left in me...   A...

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Categories: social, anger, angst, character, christian,