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Brother Social Poems

These Brother Social poems are examples of Social poems about Brother. These are the best examples of Social Brother poems written by international poets.

I will minister
I will minister to my neighbor
I am the Lord’s instrument to minister to my neighbor
I will succor them that stand in need of my succor

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Categories: social, bible, care, dedication, love,

I Could Get Paid For This
I must have one of those faces
or maybe people just assume
that because I'm quiet
I must be a good listener, because
wherever I go- they find me


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Categories: social, community, how i feel,

Good times and Fun
Mankind's greatest fall of all: the clock's 
ticking hastens to the confrontation 
of one man against another--the fight 
of brother against brother, and all others....

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Categories: social,

Civil War
(Civil) War

With incision, create division.
Bury the red, white, and blue.
Play them all, they will fall.
A masterminded coup.
O say can you see, they all disagree.
Just watch...

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Categories: america, conflict, social, truth,

Premium Member BIG BROTHER
you are being watched
adjust privacy settings
they can still see you ~...

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Categories: brother, internet, social,

Dressed to kill down to the heels 
Locked and loaded with sites on infamy

shots fired in the vicinity of destiny

todays game, is change my name

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Categories: social, fate, humor, identity, image,

Premium Member Thanks to FaceBook
Marigold Oger grew up without a mama, this pretty girl with eyes of greenish blue.
Because her mama died unexpectedly in the middle of a dark...

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Categories: social, for her, friend, friendship,

Make America White Again
"Make America White Again"
Will never make any sense
Despite the tweets of "GENIUS" Trump
Or Republicans like Pence

Brown-skinned people filled this land
From one end to the other...

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Categories: social, discrimination, history, humanity, immigration,

Father in Law
He had no garments old or new 
that didn’t have a hole burnt through
from sparks when he lit up his pipe
and nearly set himself alight.

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Categories: social, character, grandchild, sad love,


Robert e Lee was a treasonous ole soul
To defeat the republic his goal

Slavery was abolished the people were free
But only two third a southern decree


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Categories: philosophy, political, social, society,

Premium Member Not Beautiful but you are you are
They say your not beautiful;
but you are, you are;
Because you were made by created by God. . .
They say your ugly, and you just don't

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Categories: social, blessing, celebrity, change, imagery,

Left the herd
I never really enjoyed being with the herd
Sitting back watching i always preferred.
From within my mind I learned to find.
What makes us tick and what...

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Categories: social, people, political, slavery, sleep,

Harmless Innuendos
   -Quiet voices with low decibels are taken with offense. Preconceived notions, spoken words without thought, inserting smileys to disclaim. Invertebrate personas can...

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Categories: social,

Not Always Blood
 Not Always Blood

It was a childhood crush a long time ago; as a teenage girl you know; you just know.
I treated him as a...

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Categories: conflict, crush, emotions, social,

An Unspoken Bond
Times have changed, much for the worse.
Familiar understanding, a vestige of the past.
A bond of lineage, of common mother land.
Unified through generations, now all alone.


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Categories: social, betrayal, family, loss, nostalgia,

Birds of a Feather
Opposites may hold attraction
But lack lasting satisfaction.
Frequently push comes to shove.
In comes hate and out goes love.

Animals in fights and fleeings
Still are mostly social beings.

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Categories: social, analogy, animal, bird, community,

The Devine Social Studies
As history repeats itself,,,find a way to help your self
End the wars,,,End the pain
No more sorrow,,,No distain 
Love one another
As father,  mother, sister, brother
Follow a true...

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Categories: social, blessing, culture, devotion, faith,

Social Issues
Weapons and mass destruction
Traffic congestion

Infrastructure deterioration
Human experimentation

Child Abuse and Molestation
Church-State Separation

Toxic waste and unemployment
Exorbitant education

Police corruption and abuse
Alcoholism,Grey Goose

Can’t smoke indoors 
Can’t smoke outdoors

Big Brothers...

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Categories: social, brother, education, pollution,

Sociocultural Evolution - by Bob Atkinson
- by Bob Atkinson

here in the here and
well beyond that
date in time
beyond beginnings so
far back
as to look like
stones defined

by their
layers of that dust
of life

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Categories: social, africa, america, environment, holocaust,

Premium Member Cowboys Can Change
Inspired by another poem by another poet---------just for fun

Oh, I didn't know that cowboys
weren't respected and revered
John Wayne, when he passed away
Brought me close to...

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Categories: change, humorous, satire, social,