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Angel Social Poems

These Angel Social poems are examples of Social poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Social Angel poems written by international poets.

They call me anti-social
As if I could care less
When I'm on my own
Is when I'm at my best
A room full of people
Socializing and being equal

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Categories: social, absence, angel,

Your look of innocence always makes me feel at home. 
My heart pounds rapidly as your essence overwhelms me
Doubt and fear of losing your light...

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Categories: social, absence, angel, conflict, girlfriend,

This morning the dew crept into my bed
Soaked, I smile uncontrollably
The smell of femininity struck my senses so,
Sunrise, woke up the sleeping giant 

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Categories: social, angel, film, fire, happy,

Branched In Without
There one sits full of thoughts
surrounded by every kind of tree
every branch has a message
but are they really all for me?

Feeling so crowded in and...

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Categories: christmas, life, social,

Social Mediator
A disease has been unleashed.
Social media. What a wretched thing.
A place people come to shine,
with loud voices, and nothing to sing.
They pander, they pose.
They fad...

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© Ryan Tyler  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: community, people, perspective, social,

The DMV Effect
Designed by the man,
extortion from subjects.
Who gave you the right
to adjudicate effects?
We pay your wage
for treatment of cattle.
We stand in your lines
to pay our yearly...

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© Ryan Tyler  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: international, satire, social, society,

Do you mean it
Walking down the street 
You held my hand
Little trembling me
So afraid of the world 

I remember when it was cold
Like a negative 32 degrees or...

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Categories: social, appreciation, art, dad, father,

Premium Member Look, No Stone
Since there was no stone to close Jesus’ death tomb
According to modern Christian myth, it had vanished,
But as of the Gospel version of this story,...

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Categories: social, culture, easter, emo, faith,

Social Irony
Everyone's phone. 
Making the crowd, each alone.
No love this way sown.

-Angel Fatale-

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© Ryan Tyler  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, society,

History Repeats
Society! A sad state of affairs.
Corporate, owned. The stores pushing their wares.
Politics, ambiguous. No truth found.
Majority vote. Yet, the loser, crowned.
Divided we stand. The land...

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© Ryan Tyler  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: corruption, freedom, social, society,

Premium Member Foretold, Angels
Foretold? Angels?

When you have sex, and you really love the other,
You know sometimes if you’ve fertilised and conceived, 
And Mary and Joseph’s love must’ve been...

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Categories: social, angel, baby, birth, christmas,

Paragon Of Excellence
Here stands a fair beauty 
Queen with poise and 
The daughter of an 
Erudite,an erudite herself
One of the three central 
Spoke-persons in the 
Assembly of...

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Categories: social, angel, celebration, celebrity, courage,

Reality's Angel
I am Reality’s angel
resting on the broad shoulders of discovery
the truth feeds darkness and engulfs its target
ideas and concepts in turn become meaningless to you

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Categories: social, analogy, bible, community, confusion,

The Righteousness Of Love
Love is a wonder
shared by one another
it's the only reason
I'm not six feet under
Love in which I believe
in a will to sustain
I give back to...

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© Bj Fard  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, absence, abuse, addiction, adventure,

Ding Dong The Wicked Witch is Dead
Globally, miners jubilantly jump for joy
Smiles on the faces of every girl and boy
The grins of a newly opened Xmas toy
Thatcher’s dead.

Trade unionists bounce along...

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© Dan Keir  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, adventure, angel, beautiful, business,


A sweetly-scented, earthy rain-storm,
she came to me,

thunderously raging with raw emotion,
she came to me,

drenched in the essence of truth,
she came to me,

she touched a chord...

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Categories: social, angel, beautiful, beauty, dedication,


God is always love
Forever seek the kingdom;
Praise the creator
Keep giving what you can give
Please endure until the end

Beautiful Heavens
Protecting the meek ones earth
Watching over us

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© humble b  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, angel, baby, baptism, beach,

Why me
Why me
Why me dear god 
Why the hell me!
I did all you asked 
I’ve even played the card 
Of a good girl, the one 

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Categories: social, dark, death, depression, fear,

I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,


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© VICTOR BUN  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, angel, anniversary, beautiful, beauty,

Open Letter To The Golden Black Angel

The black angel on earth, the one proud of her skin
The hot chocolate in Africa, the one with glorious...

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Categories: social, art, love, people, romance,