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Short Taunted Poems

Short Taunted Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Taunted by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Taunted by length and keyword.

Premium Member Stranded
slow stranded starfish
taunted by receding tide
dreaded sun arrives...

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Categories: taunted, nature,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Ghost Walks

Vaunted, haunted old crime scene tours,
Taunted, daunted, uneasy viewers....

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: taunted, age, dark, horror,
Form: Tyburn
Winged Cupid
He saw me but was too late.
Arrow could have meant my fate.
She taunted and made me wait.
We were Cupid's date.

For Dr.Ram Mehta's "Winged Cupid" contest...

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Categories: taunted, imaginationme,
Form: Dodoitsu
Don't Think
A muse to many
Deprived solemnly
By its brothers forgiver
Taunted by his mind
Closely to touch
Fragile in the mists
Reused tantrums
Trickled tears
False horizon
That's his mothers vow....

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Categories: taunted, absence, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
rainbow bunnies
a little rainbow bunny,
was never like the rest,
they taunted and they teased,
his heart was laid to rest,
he wound up really blue,
when people passed him bye,
his little rainbow tears,
they never saw him cry....

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Categories: taunted, animals, fantasy, sad, rainbow,
Form: Rhyme

A Bitter Conversation (Yelling Zealously)
A bitter conversation doth eminate from grammar. Howling injustice joyfully keeps lovers 
mirrored. Numerous opaque persons quarrel raucously. Strongly taunted users viciously 
whisper. X-rated. Yelling zealously....

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Categories: taunted, visionary
Form: ABC
Was Taunted Horn Haiku
Was Taunted Horn Haiku

Then I was taunted
After having been haunted
Did do undaunted.

Think about the psychology 
of this for a while.

Jim Horn

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: taunted, philosophy,
Form: I do not know?
Oh My Love
Questing over my litting ham
Tasting the sweet deep cold thunders 
Still can I give my body's juices
In pure love
When many fly without a thought
While the tears rive my taunted cheeks
I know a salty and selfless love
No man has ever bought
Nor can ever earn...

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Categories: taunted, allusion,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member I'm Keyless, Chuck
"Hey kids! have you seen the keys for the door I'm sure I put them down there before I'm thinking this place is haunted Or is your mother being taunted Own up, or your backsides are gonna be sore" Why cant I find my keys?

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Categories: taunted, funny
Form: Limerick
Love unrequited, so much time wasted
Woman so splendid, what you always wanted
Heart that got busted, wouldn’t get mended
Too much expended, it ended before it started
Feeling so taunted, your mind is haunted
By the memories of your love unrequited

For ATP, my love unrequited

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© John Boak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: taunted, angst, love, love,
Form: Rhyme
Disposable Heroes
left out as kids at school 
live as outcasts the goldern ruel
disappeared from the radar 
into the shadows of hell
how i hated the sound of that bell

human punchbags thats all we are
born to silence and disapointment
as disposable heroes we do stay
beconed and taunted by kids at play...

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© Matt Doe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: taunted, song-
Form: Verse
Premium Member Jimi Hendrix..Rock Star and Legend
J	imi, a talented guitarist
I	n the world of Rock
M	ade young girls cry 
I	n his world, how he shined!

H	ard wired to play
E	arly love for guitars
N	ever found Nirvana 
D	ying each day, endless pain
R	iding strings of his music	
I	n his mind, demons taunted	
X	iting  too soon, young legend!...

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Categories: taunted, dedication, history, life, music, sad
Form: Acrostic
Nosy Nature Smirks
taunted trees drunk
fostered felon gulp
bounty breeze served
leering lusty lurch
saucy summer tossed
per punctured pores

pruning pulpy puke
altering vying view
dark dances drew

nosy nature smirks
moaning mockery's verge
dainty drips athirst

same mystic malady 
belching feelings breed.

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Categories: taunted, allegory,
Form: Sonnet
Such Sassy Trend - Day 27
lips like waves
wielded wounds wave
callous curls hewn
by dark dews
taunted torrent puke
per punctured prune

crazed coziness cluster
felon fondlings fostered
rustic reels registered

heaven's eyes seeped
dripping damped weaves
locked liquid lease

such sassy trend
carved emotions' crest.

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Categories: taunted, allegory, love,
Form: Sonnet
My heart stops when I hear your name
As if time rewound and taunted me only to hurt again
And sometimes I see your eyes in others
Just a glimpse of what was 
And then the day goes on but you do not
Frozen in time 
But I am comforted by those frozen memories
How I wish gone was recycled into now
Or maybe it is already

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Categories: taunted, bereavement, eulogy, farewell, longing, loss,
Form: Free verse
Bounty Bicycle Belched
bounty bicycle belched
in crimson crest
wielding moaning wheels
of saucy spree:
taunted tracks moan
tainted tyre's moor

fiery feelings fondling
per punctured pills
merging mystic mist

hideous hood hankering
with halts shuddering
like triturated tits

"roll'n rustic rims
felon wind riding."

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Categories: taunted, dark,
Form: Sonnet
Patience patients
Take life for every minute it gives
Spend time like dust specks gathered
Free your mind off taunted shadowed thoughts
Clean the mind unfurl coiled negative energy

Walk equipoised trumping rooted darkness
Rejuvinate coarse emotions thrusting chuffs
Run a mile and count the escalations
Forgo the tumbles and stand chin up.

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© mark okoth  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: taunted, inspiration, inspirational,
Form: I do not know?
Silly Sequoia Smirks
silly sequoia smirks
gulping lusty lurch
bounty breeze bears
callous crest's peer :
haughty hankering hoists
felon fate's foiled

busty bellow blush
under taunted touch
airy atmosphere crush

dark dances drool
moaning melody brood
pulsing punctured pool

sequoia helpless be
feelings spell grip.

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Categories: taunted, allegory,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Eternally yours
Breathlessly forgiving my scars are

Tainted by love I watch from a far

Always in the moment thinking of you

My heart is broken and has been left askew

Taunted by the memory of your face

Patiently waiting in this dark forgotten place

I am drowned as the desire rain pours

Never to be the same but eternally yours

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Categories: taunted, loss
Form: Rhyme
Salient Satyr Scrunching
eyes etched eerily
in mystic mists
of taunted tracks
drooling death damped
felon feet fostering
hoisted spree heaving

salient satyr scrunching
locked laced lips
in hankering hymns

saucy smirk blushed
zeal cold-blood cupped
punctured pleck dumped

lusty limbs lurching
topsy-turvy twain tumbling.

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Categories: taunted, fairy,
Form: Sonnet
Unstrung as the brave
Nonviolent in protests  
Questioning moral wrong
Unfavorable of unfairness
Extravagant in ideas
Supporting freedom
Taunted by the ignorant
Irascible over foolishness
Obsessed by cleanliness 
Nameless to the envious
Ambiguous in everything
Bountiful in blessings
Liberal in thoughts
Enthused by laughter...

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Categories: taunted, introspection, people
Form: Acrostic
Felon Fury Fostered - Day 17
like taunted tiger
seeped'n saucy anger
felon fury fostered
fiery feelings triggered
callous claws smirk
dripping lanky lurch

saucy silhouette scribbled
with whooshing wiggle
naive cubs cobbled

as rustling rage
smite tainted trace
intruder felon phrase

same, salient emotions
strap squishy combustions.

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Categories: taunted, allegory,
Form: Sonnet
Porous Paranormal Bleeds - Day 23
like leering leopard
feeble flesh flicker
sassy spots smirk
scorching saucy surge
punctured passion puke
per prey's view

taunted tongue elated
eerie emotions elevated
dangling deer highlighted

porous paranormal bleeds
crushing callous creed
severing saucy speed

Sprint hoisted heel:
my siveness' spree.

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Categories: taunted, allegory, love,
Form: Sonnet
He Couldn't Love Me
I've been called names,
And I've been taunted;
But nothing is worse than when he
Said he couldn't love me.

I've been told things,
And I've been misled;
But nothing is worse than when he
Said he couldn't love me.

I've been pushed out from being in,
And I've been laughed at;
But nothing is worse than when he
Said he couldn't love.

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Categories: taunted, heartbroken,
Form: I do not know?
Rustling Rays Ripped - Day 20
like saucy sun
eerie east puns
syllabic surges scribbled
taunted tips tremble
wielded wind whooshes
bearing bounty breaches

bored trees blazed 
airy torrent's trace
crumbling crest crazed

rustling rays ripped
into callous confetti
boulevards' silhouettes bit

moaning melodies mixed
punctured passion's piss.

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Categories: taunted, allegory,
Form: Sonnet