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Short Syria Poems

Short Syria Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Syria by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Syria by length and keyword.

The Russian Warplane Shot Down Over Syria
President Putin's having Turkey for Christmas dinner this year!
I think with stuffing inside it
Will he be having second helpings?...

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Categories: syria, anger, character, conflict, death, evil, political, war,
Form: Questionku

Russia Refrain
The Russians have made it quite plain
Life is something that they disdain
They plan to destroy
Every girl and boy
In Syria and the Ukraine!...

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Categories: syria, political,
Form: Limerick
They are playing 
With peoples life 

Russian Caviar and
American hamburger
Do not blend 
Passover and Iran
Break the bread mates.  
And restrain yourself.


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Categories: syria, inspirational,
Form: Narrative
St George's Day
Dragon to the sword 
St George's day, England's saint 
Born in Syria 

St Georges clan
Allow the refugees in 
They are our saints kin. 

true story

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Categories: syria, history, political,
Form: Haiku
hanging chads
nerves of steel
confronting the Korean little boy
brand new toy
olives for dinner
we got a winner
Al Gore almost won
city in ivory tower
the wall
threats in Syria

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Categories: syria, anxiety, art,
Form: Free verse

quiet despair
Quiet Despair 

In a besieged town
In Syria
Snow falls 
People starves
Children die 
We are powerless 
Those who are 
And those who are right
Snow falls
Silently on
Quiet despair 
I think of

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Categories: syria, abuse,
Form: Chastushka
Premium Member Red Faced
Red Faced

Barrel Bombs
From Soviet Tombs
The Reds smell blood
Watching it glow
Old friends hold hands
While the Soviet glories implode
The murder from above
In the name of inflation
Crimes in Crimea
To Syria

Red Faced

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Categories: syria, humanity, philosophy, poetry, war,
Form: Light Verse
All lives matter
Raising the slogans won't make it any better. 
Dare to accept the truth, 
All lives matter. 
Does that sound better, 
Islam is the way out, 
Quran is the light out. 
Read it I promise you will later have no doubt, 
As  from it I have learned 
All lives matter....

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Categories: syria, change, courage, creation, faith, peace, prejudice, racism,
Form: ABC
Life After The Dictatorship
They have 50 years 
Of emergency law in Syria
And counting
The president is an intelligent man
He has no answer for the protest marchers
The bullets will turn on him
The choices dictators make
Are not always made for a life
To retire at the swimming pool

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Categories: syria, political
Form: I do not know?
It's all in how you say it
While ours kill with flair and finesse
Banned weapons can make a fine mess
Since guys without class
Can possess poison gas
O-bomb-a will make an address

There's hype and there's hysteria
O-bomb-a needs criteria 
To send friend Bashar   
Wrapped presents from afar
His gift of love for Syria


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Categories: syria, satire, technology, war,
Form: Limerick
Breathing Death
As the shivering lips smile 
to the rhythm of blasts 
As eyes sparkle with light 
of emptiness that forever lasts
as hands raise for someone 
to hold ,Those humans look 
upto God and beg just 
as their mere existence shook
My children of Syria Cried
They Watched as humanity died

5th March 2018...

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© Nimra Asim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: syria, angel, death, deep, sunset,
Form: Rhyme
A Single Image of Clock Children
( for Syria)

Flywheels enamel
with heartblood,
aortal ticks hesitate

before the dull bang
of a falling fist;
the fat knuckle

of the next hit,
tick tick the small ones,

the eaters of dust,
stone-eyed they
fall apart like lost time,

the weights that
regulate all this
are unbalanced.


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Categories: syria, child,
Form: Blank verse
Syria 2012
Tearing through flesh
Shattering bones
No organs spared

Beautiful child playing with her friends
A fearful confused young rebel
The baker trudging to work at dawn
An elder reflecting and ruing the past

The bullet has no conscience
No memory
Only an inevitable path


Michael Newman MD
Doctors without Borders...

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Categories: syria, war,
Form: Verse
I Hope for the best
They are still fighting in the Mideast 
Jews killing Arabs and Arabs killing Jews 
Civil wars in Yemen and Syria 
lead  to the death of children
Will out poems change people's hearts? 
Let us pray they do 
A litle optimism 
is what is needed 
by all of us versifiers
We must do our best to help create 
paths to peace in the world
It is vital!


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Categories: syria, peace, poetry, poets,
Form: Free verse
when Trump rode into town
Then came Trump 

No one talks about Syria anymore, 
 Was there a war there?
The bombing of Mosul the long siege
Trump occupies the news 
And the whole world from pigmies
In the inner Congo, to the tall Dutch
In Amsterdam, are Psychanalysts? 
The press robbed of their pompous 
Self-regard like a school yard bully
Scolded, plots shocking stories about
The President of the USA  

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Categories: syria, bullying, business,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member We Are Accidents

Today, I was missed by a bullet
fired by a sniper in Syria,  
a runaway train 10,000 miles from it, 
and every swing of the 
Grim Reaper’s scythe in between. 
A repeat of so many days 
of good coincidences.

Life is but an accident of time and geography,
we the beneficiaries of a random amnesty.

Tomorrow, I shall rise 
and raise song unto the vaulting blue 
for my privilege of sun. 

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Categories: syria, death, fate, life, miracle, today,
Form: Free verse
World Peace
Mother darkness has descended
The Clouds are forming
The fog sets in 
Children are crying 
While Syria is dying.

Mother I am so tired of all this suffering
Why, wont these politicians
Stop the waring
Cant they see that its not the world
That is ending but souls are decaying.

Mother I need to write them a love song
Hoping one day 
We would all learn to get along
As we all want too belong.


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Categories: syria, peace, political, song, war, world,
Form: Free verse
Icon of Syrian Revolution
How fast life goes! How slow we feel! 
When someone dear leaves us for real.
How hard it gets! How tough the deal! 
If they're sublime and have ideals. 
They pay so much and beat ordeals.
Their names spread and shake regimes.
They shine so bright and join sunbeams.
They soar so high no one can reach.
They speak a tongue no one can teach.
Such is Sarout, a martyred icon; 
A free Syria on the horizon. 


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© OMAR JABAK  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: syria, arabic, farewell, freedom, memorial, metaphor, motivation, symbolism,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Red Moon
Some say bad times are a comin,
some say trouble's on the way.
Nonsense I say, just a total lunar eclipse
as the moon passes through 
the darkest part of the Earth's shadow
any light reaching the moon is refracted 
through the Earth's atmosphere
which scatters the blue light, 
and what reaches the moon is red.
So I say, but with four in two years
and the situation in the Ukraine, Syria and all
I'm goin to cover my mirrors.


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Categories: syria, moon,
Form: Free verse
When Darkness Steals Her Light
Babies freezing to death in Syria
Being chopped to bits in Africa
Beheaded in Mexico
Shot through their tiny hearts in America
Starving all around this world
So what is it that you want to write about: What
Is it exactly ? Houses passing budgets; more bullets
Less food more war machines less treatment more
Neglect ? Smile for their camera walk down, a red ramp...
Snapshots and poppi; hurry, there she goes ? Yes, there she goes....

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Categories: syria, art, baby, cancer,
Form: I do not know?
Funny SYRIA TAX Money
No longer 
Seems as funny
Dollar money

Purchased by the power
Of social media
Reigns down from a sky
Where children die
And dreams are bled
On broken crying parents beds 

Funny's just is not 
When it revolves around money

In this cynical old world
Where countless masses

Begs the question
Who is the real dummy
And where is this poor child's
Cold laid out Mummy 




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Categories: syria, funny,
Form: Free verse

On This day I picked your eyes
And wrote in my diary
Snow is gazing guys 
Buries within

I am a giant heater who
Welcomes you all in my quarters
And my hands are so so big
That the Hell they bestow you will

The black giant came then close to me
And the sky went all dark
Like grand ma’s eyes
My parent are the same color as ground
And I am the same color as ground
The soil takes care of me
Since my parents reside in ground

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Categories: syria, baby,
Form: Blank verse
Farah in syria
In a Farah-way Syrian sea
swims this sweet Arabian wonder,
in a golden garden grows this sweet pea
That shines, soars and sings…no blunder

In a Farah-way Syrian garden
croons this blue Arabian bird,
She’s got rhymes and rhapsodies-laden
poems that thrill the sun, stars and songbirds

From a Farah-way Syrian street
She writes, wooing wealthy words.
In the gentle arms of nature she sits,
writing with a pen that’s sealed with golden cords


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Categories: syria, adventure, dedicationsweet, sweet,
Form: Verse
another morning
Another morning
I have been trying to stave off old age
by avoiding old men in the park who ask me to guess 
their age, empty gums looks like a burnt down
village in Syria, a war that the west has yet to understand
and by dressing young, artistic like with a big scarf 
hiding my turtle throat. 
It is a losing fight like leaking dykes in Holland with holes,
to stick fingers in them won’t last long. Therefore
 I will embrace the day and talk to the old men in the park.


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© jan hansen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: syria, blessing, books, butterfly,
Form: Blank verse
For the Freedom-Loving people of Syria
Massacre at Houla.

She was no more than 10 years of age.
He could have been a grandfather.

Young, old, women, girls, men, boys.

108 lives.

Now they are buried,
in hurriedly dug graves,
on the plains of Houla.

Killed by knives,
shot at point-blank range,
slaughtered, mowed-down.

108 lives.

Snuffed-out. Decimated. Taken-out.

108 lives.

As Damascus lies blatantly,
spewing forth untruth,
108 warm, dead bodies,
remain buried,
in hurriedly dug graves,
on the plains of Houla.

108 lives.

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Categories: syria, death, funeral, grief, hate, life, loss, peace,
Form: I do not know?