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Short Aircraft Poems

Short Aircraft Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Aircraft by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Aircraft by length and keyword.

F-fourteen tomcat
the most ferocious aircraft
enemies tremble...

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Categories: aircraft, military,
Form: Haiku

flying haiku
They let me loose, fly/Upside down in that aircraft/Rewind to that time

Incident Report 74399 2020 

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Categories: aircraft, flying, remember, teenage,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Boeing, Going, Gong
      Boeing, Going, Gong
The aircraft company's swan song

      Boeing, Boeing, Bong
737's high on marijuana ~ So Long

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Categories: aircraft, business, flying, song, travel,
Form: Monorhyme
If the wings travel faster than the fuselage,
And you are in a helicopter, that’s ok
However if you are in any other aircraft
It’s probably a very good time to pray

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Categories: aircraft, funny
Form: I do not know?
Haiku 6 - motor cycle, jet aircraft, ocean liner
motorcycle roars
penetrating the quiet night
shattering the silence

aircraft on the runway
jet engines scream before lift off
to the clouds above

on the waterfront
ocean liner calling her flock
- the loud blaring horn...

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Categories: aircraft, journey, ocean, sound, travel,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Paper Airplanes
Once we were all so young,
Paper airplanes, so much fun,
Until I was a teacher of pupils,
Making aircraft, not such dills, 
So what did  I do?
Made a contest, with own rules,
Who could fly the best?
We put airplanes to the test,
All bit of learning fun,
Once they were all so young!...

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Categories: aircraft, fun, giggle, happy, school, science,
Form: Free verse
Trump Bewildered
Donald Trump has declined to say
What his threats are worth on EBay
Iran did not buy
Trump had a good cry
And now has the Devil to pay 

*(Trump can't figure out why the
"wonderful aircraft" Americans deployed to
defeat the British during the Revolutionary 
War failed to intercept Iranian missiles)...

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Categories: aircraft, political,
Form: Limerick
Nature at it's best
Nature at its best

An aircraft in the  sky
Birds are flying nearby

The ocean is beautiful and close by
The surf has been high I wonder why

Nature is amazing the wildlife can be shy
Hunters may perceive to get a bulls-eye
Eagles may be the next pry

Nature is a loving place and glad to see it in the sky or nearby 

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Categories: aircraft, bird, earth, flying,
Form: Rhyme
Bagram Airfield July 2010
bagram airfield july 2010

hushed ether of morning
huddled guardian warriors, arms aligned
early call to prayer sounds the blood to chill
arrives the entry check point white linen under issued desert garb
a steely eyed airman quick witted and quicker with sidearm
all hell breaks loose and all age 30 years in one hot minute...

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Categories: aircraft, allah, humanity, memorial day, religion, soldier, veterans
Form: Free verse
Dad Did Go to Sleep
Dad Did Go to Sleep

Dad did go to sleep
He now lies in ocean deep
While I weep and weep.

My Dad was killed on Aircraft Carrier
Intrepid CNV-11 now in New York
harbor as a museum where a debate
was help. He is now buried in 200 feet
of water off of Sicily. I was 15 and had
3 sisters and two brothers when he died.
Jim Horn


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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aircraft, sad, sea,
Form: I do not know?
puppy love
Philter puppy love 
when rain drops on
Sweating hot body 
in dreaming Zone

Costing null feed
rocks strike silent groan
rebuff brings tornado
for hasty results

pleasing diets
make it rough
wearing Diamond
crazy aircraft, Philter puppy love....

Contest for 12 lines poem 
sponsored by : Brian Strand
Written by: bldevnath
on 30th August 2011...

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Categories: aircraft, introspection, love,
Form: Classicism
A Military Brat
A Military Brat

Before have not been in mortal combat,
And yet still I once was a military brat;
To Mom's dismay,
Did enlist one day;
Wore an Air Force uniform with their hat.

Jim Horn

My dad was killed in an aircraft accident on
the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid CVN-11 now in
the New York harbor.

Veterans Day is coming soon.


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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aircraft, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Martian AIRcraft but no AIR
Perseverance, ingenuity: hallmarks of great mind...
Examples which we Earthlings are expecting more to find.
As NASA's news now streams from Mars, where there is little air
And yet they're setting up the helicopter dispatched there.
With AIR as so essential for the flight of an AIRcraft
We'll see if JPL designers are clever - or just daft!...

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Categories: aircraft, funny, humorous, inspiration, planet, space, success, technology,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member PATH OF SOULS
                                 God’s wrath

~ Footpath ~
                     ~ Glide path ~

Demon wing dipped bloodbath. God’s wrath seethes.

Gentle souls find footpath. Glide path breathes.

Kim Rodrigues © 2017

Glide path – the final path followed by an aircraft as it is landing,
thus our souls breathe as they alight in heaven.

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Categories: aircraft, christian,
Form: Tyburn
My Ocean Wave
My Ocean Wave

Sounds to me like my ocean wave,
Where sailors died and is their grave;
Over my dad's grave it does flow;
Was to us such a serious blow.

Near Sicily location is two miles off of;
200 feet below body of one we love;
Now rests there where he does reside,
And beloved country he bravely died.

All true. CPO Arthur F. Horn Aircraft 
Carrier Intrepid....

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aircraft, allegory, analogy, death,
Form: Couplet
Let me free today
Let me fly so high
as an aircraft in the sky, 
I want to touch the clouds
then I will move round nd round
I will run then turn around . 

I don't needs pounds
I need only happiness
that i will be feeling while wearing that crown . 

Let me take breath in the
open air
please don't you say it's not fair
I don't care
as this time comes very rare
let me do this dare. 


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Categories: aircraft, freedom,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Skid Marks In The Sky
Like angels of death they feared no evil the best that ever flew. So with wings at stake downed aircraft thunder across the skies of blue. Pilots are proven mortal when mishaps occur in flight as falling planes, a ball of flames. Leave skid marks in the sky.. .....Dedicated to Navy Pilots....
Actual military photo of the morning after the accident....

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Categories: aircraft, courage, farewell, hero, military,
Form: Free verse
Solitude -- an Unbounded Romance
While asked by Nicolus --
What is the unbounded romance? 

I am stuck,
Yes, I am, indeed!

Many years since the question hovers like an aircraft overhead,
Many years of search could not respond;
Many a mile of space -- all stretching the age-line alone,
Not a response from my solitary being.



A solitude I absorb,
Hidden in an array of secret tunnel --
That solitude 

Is the answer. 

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© Sadat Khan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aircraft, art, loneliness,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member The Last Flight Out
The Last Flight Out Written: by Miracle Man September 2, 2021 Aircraft disappeared into the Kabul sky, minutes later Taliban flooded the street. They painted themselves to be the good guy, firing into the air celebrating our retreat. This last flight ended the U.S.A.’s longest war, now anguish exists for those left behind. But our way of exit was not top drawer, left to die were some who were with us aligned.

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© Tom Wright  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aircraft, america, anger, anxiety, war,
Form: Rhyme
War In Iraq
Suicide bombers what gives you the right to take away peoples lives.
Sadam Hussain, Bush and Blair.  U.k and U.S, your all unfair.

Woman, men, children dying.  Bombs, rifles and aircraft flying.
Friendly fire, t.v reporters.  The families waiting for loved ones to return.

How long will it go on? Revenge, power,lies and deceit.  When will it end.
Tell me what will it achieve. Peace and harmony love not war.

We don't need this evil anymore....

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Categories: aircraft, war
Form: I do not know?
If I had a bike
It would be bright and blue
My little device of divinity
I’d be that kid, the cool one
My bike would glide effortlessly
Like an aircraft 

I would have begged a little harder
As daddy saw it as dangerous
Maybe convince him of the joy
It brought with every pedal 

I longed to know its betrayal
As it drops me hard on the ground
Then tears roll down my face
And mother embraces me,
A lesson learned the hard way

If I had a bike
I would have smiled 


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Categories: aircraft, childhood, children,
Form: I do not know?

I’m a Skilled Aviator
Flying an Aircraft of Love.
I Lost the Flight Control,
But Survived the Crash Somehow.

I Lost my License
To Fly again.
I never knew that Memories
Can Cause such Severe Turbulence.

I keep Looking Up at the Sky
Wondering if it still Remembers Me.
I keep Staring at the Passing Clouds
They never even bother to Look down.

Sometimes, I think
I Shouldn’t have Lost Control.
But Sometimes, I think
I Shouldn’t have Survived the Crash.

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Categories: aircraft, break up, heartbroken, hurt, loneliness, lost love,
Form: Free verse
everywhere we look aloft
see pollution from aircraft
more and more and year on year
poisoning our atmosphere
see ribbons of yellow hue
criss-crossing in the blue

from New York to Heathrow
three thousand mile to go
eight hour flight and then return
forty thousand gallon burn
fossil carbon see-o-two
dump the lot into the blue

third runway for Heathrow
will be another blow
we carry on regardless
and say this is progress
see ribbons of yellow hue
criss-crossing in the blue...

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Categories: aircraft, pollution,
Form: Rhyme
The Mist
  Just as the mist is slowly coming down, so are my tears. He's not coming 
home anymore. A  job he felt he must do, a job I knew would take him from me. 
The phone call it came his aircraft had been shot down. The voice would go on 
to say as the tears slowly flowed down my cheeks "No survivors ma'am, we are 
sincerely sorry."  As I dropped  the phone I heard the voice ask "ma'am ma'am 
are you ok?" 
Then I just cried out "This can't be true, we had only just began our life as one."...

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Categories: aircraft, death, lost love, sad, voice, voice,
Form: I do not know?