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Time Sestina Poems

These Time Sestina poems are examples of Sestina poems about Time. These are the best examples of Sestina Time poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Finding God

Matthew 25:31-46

So if God’s here or there
At a place to be found
Outside limits of space
Past the boundaries of time
Is the One that I seek
Worth the...

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© Mark Elam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: god,

Arent You Glad You Stayed In School
Do you recall being in school?
Learning many lessons;
obeying all of the rules;
absorbing each lecture and each page
of your textbook;
adding to your storehouse of wisdom.

If you...

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Categories: books, education, homework, literature,

Premium Member Noseglasses
When my arms weren’t so long
Scruffy hairs on my ears
Puffy bags round my eyes
Saggy skin ‘neath my chin
And things close weren’t as clear
It was time...

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© Mark Elam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, children, love,

Every day, I sit at my window, waiting
I’ve stayed for you-
I will stay until you come home
And every time, you do
Every time, I jump into...

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Categories: child, i miss you,

Star Of The Roundup
A cowboy’s life’s not easy,
as he rides across the range.
His bed roll on the saddle; 
his spurs, they bang and clang.
A campfire is his cook...

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Categories: character, cool, horse, imagery,

The dancer
She stretched her hand out into the sky 
As if she was pulling the sun's rays into her palms. 
Her legs moved with such grace,...

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Categories: 12th grade, africa,


The barbershop quartet, mustache brushes in hand.
A Capella joviality, with torquing wrists, snapping fingers.
Bristles foaming, silky white and smooth, voices grand.

Dapper in their...

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Categories: music, song,

Along the Highway
She walks along the highway
wrapped in a blanket of hazy fog.
Ticking you can hear the clock,
the girl walks faster, her back to the moon.
the road...

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Categories: depression, destiny, eulogy,

Death Blue
I saw him coming, my old friend Death 
His eyes were not wrathful but also not Kind
He simply looked up at the sky so Blue...

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Categories: death, heaven, ocean,

Drunk Encounter
On Friday, we let loose of ourselves.

We all came out from our inner shells.

We fell down from the narrow stairs before

Because we drank way too...

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© Alex Han  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: first love, love, romance,

Look What I Found on My Windshield
I found a note on my windshield
Telling me I need to stop
Popping pills every single day
Little do they know
I can’t survive without those pills
Do they...

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Categories: depression, perspective,

Where Light And Darkness Meet
Where light and darkness meet
That’s where you’ll find me. 
My voice is breaking,
But I know that you can hear
Every word that I speak.
My eyes are...

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Categories: feelings, first love, heartbreak,

My Mind Runs The Show
In those very few moments just before rising,
my Mind is busy with things that must be done,
as it plans the day ahead and organizes my...

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Categories: time,

The Navy Pilot's Lover
Sitting on the rooftop, wavy hair billowing
In the wicked wind, fluttering away like herself
She clasps to her neck the silvery heart-locket
Before looking down from her...

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© J. Amorose  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence,

The Forgotten World
From color, everything turns into shades of grey
A palette of beauty, now so monochromatic
Everything good and bad ends up as alabaster
And all else is simply...

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© J. Amorose  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surreal,

Six Views of a Sickening World
Replace the desolate words I speak without intention
With my intended poetry – a burst of fresh light
In a forlorn bedroom filled with buckets of darkness!

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© J. Amorose  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dark, light, world war

A dull Christmas eve, still it was better than most
I’d heard of winter and snow in places far away
Of cold and frozen waters and rains...

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Categories: adventure, black african american,

Winter sestina
Winter sestina								
on summer nights she cupped love in her heart
tasted the honey of a gentle kiss
and the heat of an exotic garden,
she roamed in a...

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Categories: time,

You've got time to book free
So, in two weeks you're off 
You've got time to pack up
You'll enjoy the travelling
Learn so much there
It'll be good...

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© Zack Dicks  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: food,

Hatching Futility
Behind a counter in china shop sits a woman.
Between right thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers she holds an egg.
On the back wall are shelves...

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Categories: animal, business, change, easter,