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Depression Sestina Poems

These Depression Sestina poems are examples of Sestina poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Sestina Depression poems written by international poets.

Along the Highway
She walks along the highway
wrapped in a blanket of hazy fog.
Ticking you can hear the clock,
the girl walks faster, her back to the moon.
the road...

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Categories: depression, destiny, eulogy,

Sestina For the Stranger Reading This
As I walk past, somebody
tries to scream, “Save
Me!” My heart beats faster. Me,
myself, and I
like we are the ones. Am 
I scared? 

Yes. More scared

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Categories: abuse, dark, deep, depression,

Look What I Found on My Windshield
I found a note on my windshield
Telling me I need to stop
Popping pills every single day
Little do they know
I can’t survive without those pills
Do they...

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Categories: depression, perspective,

The Little Princess's Decoronation
Little girl, you who plays princess with the glittery hat perched on your head,
The ribbons cascading down from its tip, tears from your heavenly eyes,

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© J. Amorose  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angel, death, depression, life,

Premium Member The Sweet Faced Ones with Nothing Left Inside
My path beyond the shores of time
from life to there are maritime ripples.
Harrowing blades of rain
hammered from storm-clouds shatter puddles
of glass to rolling streams of...

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Categories: depression,

Fly - Revised Edition
Standing on a tower, more than three hundred feet
As she watched a movie of her life
The rain falls, and she smiled a sad smile
She spread...

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© Julie Anne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, depression, feelings, girl,


Standing on a tower, more than three hundred feet
She was watching a movie of her life,
in her head, as tears fall, and she tries to...

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© Julie Anne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, depression, girl, lost,

He sat behind me in class
His only demeanor to cause distraction
Till the day he caught my eye.
The day he turned my life into a roller-coaster.

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Categories: betrayal, break up, conflict,

Premium Member When Madness Rides on Moonlight
Days pass into the weak, loveless nights. The moon blinks.
The stars swirl beneath Van Gogh’s brush, as he links.
Comet light passes twisting cypresses, a schizophrenic’s...

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Categories: anxiety, art, depression, suicide,

I hate my deeds & 
everbody hates me
It's a fact and I know it
I am a burden so heavy 
I am a curse so dark

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Categories: depression, grief,

cursed to exhale
If i could exhale, really exhale,
To expire the rubble of the ages, 
1000 years of dread off my belly,
and my fingertips once so dainty
then could...

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Categories: allah, courage, dance, dark,

Premium Member Raw Emotion
This poem is written in the Sestina form.

Raw Emotion

Under the cloak of anger,
In a world full of despair,
Surrounded by misery and pain,
Engulfed in darkness,
Loss of...

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Categories: depression, me, lost, lost,

Premium Member Bye Gones
A full heart chokes
too full to feel
anything but broken.
Seems all is lost
and only phantoms linger
must I remain?

A hollow husk, a remnant
yet, engorged and choking 

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Categories: depression, introspection, forgiveness, love,

Premium Member 'The Wakening World
The Wakening World

A new world spins kaleidoscopic, a whorl of color in revolt.
Oceans quake, molding into fissures of tectonic hunger,
ravaging the deep, stirring the primal...

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Categories: devotion, education, hope, mystery,

Premium Member The Wakening
The world spins kaleidoscopic, a whorl of color in revolt.
Oceans quake malleable, molding into fissures of tectonic hunger,
ravaging the deep, stirring the primal need depressing

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Categories: allegory, childhood, computer-internet, history,

Premium Member The Heart of Poverty
Once upon a time, mother was gifted new life.
Reformed, reborn the second child to poverty, 
through the coldness of a Maine winter came beauty.
A fair...

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Categories: anniversary, caregiving, childhood, daughter,

Split Temptation
My temptation is great at times in my life.
At other times, it is lost and no to be found.
I know it will always be there...

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Categories: allegory, angst, depression, faith,

Abundant rains pelt
on the window's foggy glass
with a rhythm too sad;
mist, raindrops and dreariness
deepen my nostalgic mood:
when sunshine was felt at noon....

The orchard's petals 

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Categories: depression, nostalgia, sad, sea,

Prices rising:  the reality of this plunging economy,
thriftiness and frugality are greatly demanded
in order to survive, and having less to spend
is a deterrent to...

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Categories: depression, hope, loss, people,

Sestina Style: O Wherefore Thou is Thy Sestina Angelina?

O ,wherefore thou ,is thy Sestina Angelina?
she is not here ., thy love thy dove
thou angel eyes hover...oft high above
Tis thyself, a...

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© MC MC  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, depression, fantasy, hope,