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An Honest Lie

A girl who has beautiful eyes 
more honestly lies.

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Eyes of Night and Daylight

Dreamy girl
Wide eyes of night
Shrink within daylight
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So What

so what 
is this loss
flowers for
my girl
at no cost
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So Easy

So easy
One two three
Come on up girl
And we’ll just see
Details | Crystalline |


You always wanted me to be
That girl I always refused to be.

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A Lost Little Girl

a lost little girl
on an sunken cypress stump
waits for centuries
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So hurt and aching
I’m mistaking
You for then girl
I once loved
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our gentle dissolve
glamour girl, subtle body
all things blue in space
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Food Court Saturday Memory Haiku

girl catches my eye
she stands out from all the rest
too shy to say hi
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children put to bed -

     working girl

     prepares for nightshift
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Beneath groaning wood

And shrill midsummer whistling

Cherry blossom girl
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Ashley Judd

somebody said that
nothing to lose was me and...
pencil me in girl......
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The Sunburned Girl

The sunburned girl smiles
Patches of warm memories
Some pain hurts so good.
Details | Senryu |

A Straight Man's Weakness

A young, lovely girl!
(she's a femme fatale, a vamp—
still, Men adore her).
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A Happy Okaysion Indeed Senryu

girl watching with pride
hips, legs, breasts and derrieres
Details | Haiku |

Memorial Day

Girl weeping in Church
   Memorial day, husband dead
Her little girl now crying
Details | Free verse |

Poor Girl

I wish
I could
Make it all
Better but
I’m homeless
Just like you
Details | Haiku |

Zero Tolerance

Little girl crying
        Her Mother just deported
                  Zero Tolerance
Details | Free verse |

A Girl Named Maria

My life is now empty
      trembles in tremendous agony
        because of such Maria
Details | Haiku |

Summer Girl

garbed in gaudy green
sultry Summer strident struts  
flaunting hot assets

June 26, 2022
Details | Free verse |

The Boats

nina a little girl and may flower
a promise of future boom
pinta a piñata let me eat candid
Details | Free verse |

Face of Justice

A girl in her teens 
Looking at the boy’s visible face
Not his hidden heart 
So the Justice
Details | Cinquain |

A Blind Man

To be 
Blind by born is-
Not his fault, once he met,
A beautiful girl on his way.
Details | Free verse |

My Beautiful Girl

my beautiful girl
the kissing wind

she is a luscious
sinistering storm

and my tree
Details | Free verse |

Something Good

Can I write
Something good
Make it all wrong
As I should
Break down girl
Let it be
Favor for a favor