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Yes He saves

He saves
Yes that man redeems
_He saved even me, the vilest offender.
O yes He did!

The lowliest of the lowly
With glory untold
Touched even me
_ a touch that made all the difference.

He died yes He did
By but the weakest hand
Dying the nastiest death
To redeem this hopeless wretch.

And this I can tell
The lamb of God yes He Saves
For He saved even me
The vilest of all.

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Woman In My Dream

Stay and dance for awhile
in my head as I play the unheard
music you dance to upon your heel
looking like the woman in red

a far memory, woman in my dream
who eludes me each night
I kiss her lips of cream
She… fades amid the dark light

then calls out from the deep,
it’s written in stars _ upon your heart
encryption only read in my sleep
all you desire to say to me in Egyptian art.
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I Have A Voice - I Will Be Heard

The Bible says we must never treat any part of God’s creation with contempt - when we do - we are indirectly treating our Creator with contempt - “God” calls us to be stewards or trustees of "His" creation and the Bible reminds us that we are responsible to "Him" in every way we treat it - when we hurt God’s creation’s - we also hurt ourselves . . . 

Please - I have a voice - I will be heard . . .
Please listen carefully to my every word . . .
Please leave God’s creatures’ well alone . . .
Or your life on this earth will be thrown . . .
Indiana Shaw . . . -_-
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I Am Goddess

I am Goddess _ I have created myself sexless _ therefore I am neither he, she, or it.

I am called upon by many; however, the names you have given me are out of your need to express dominance_ for power is an unnecessary illusion driven by the lust to control. Control does not exist in the realm of unity.

I am neither good nor bad _ there is only action and reaction as-a-result of motion and emotion.

I have created myself formless _ therefore I am neither here nor there.
Upon your beck and call, I come to you in the image of your own comfort _ therefore you will recognize me.

I speak in every language, at-all-times _ therefore, you will only hear a sound when I am in motion as Life forms and reforms. There is never a quiet moment in the life continuum. There are those who constantly hear me even though I, myself am noiseless.

I am never at rest _ therefore, you will only see me in increments of momentary time.

I am colorless _ therefore, what you see is the residue of my past, which marks the spot of my future present, as I cycle and recycle in endless motion.

You may think I am beholding you and that you hear my voice, Nay! It is only the power of your thinking and your desire to remember me.

I am Goddess.  I am Life. I am Continuous.
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I Have Loved So Cruelly

It’s truly Greek to me and you
“Agape” may sound like the English, agape
I gape; are we awed by Christ loving me and you

The human in me is a swine, sloppy and greedy for love
Consumers-Supreme, like shopping for shoes and food,
Hording homes, trophies, even the Dodo and dove

Beloved, the love of God is not to be presumed
The Creator of the behemoth, leviathan, and atom _
Imagine: He wants a relationship with puny humans

Imagine: His kiss, the force that holds up the universe
Prevents atoms from splitting in awe and fission
Gave all to love ... gives every gift, but we won't converse

O Holy Spirit, forgive me! I take too much for granted
The One who split the firmament into heaven and ocean
Who tells the blood how to make life’s music

Became a baby in Mary’s womb, to grow slow by slow
Suffer like us, become the Perfect Adam, such love
Only He can take my rags, wrap me in His High Priestly robe!

I used to be a romantic; forgive me for seeing how obscene
Is a love that is all face and human flesh
Forgetful, ungrateful of the source; agape love that kisses the perverse

How to conceive this, almost beyond any human being
Such love shames the greatest fairy tale or happily ever after
I want too much ... missing all the while, mysteries of living

Glory to Father-Son-Holy Spirit, amen.© Anil Deo, 20170331

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Boreas God of the North Wind

Boreas, God of the North Wind Wind god Boreas…god Of Winter and North Wind Swept down from cold northern mountains of Thrake He blew Cold icy gusts Of breath from bloated cheeks Hair and beard spiked with ice, wide mouth Howling Sometimes Seen as horse-shaped Purple-winged swift stallion He swept down on mares early spring To sire Horses For King of Troy Mated with Trojan mares Fathered the swift, wind-shaped stallions For him He found King of Athens’ Daughter, Oreithyia In riverside meadow, playing, Dancing Enthralled by her dancing And struck with mad desire He abducted her to the sky To wed Hid her In soft white clouds Their love seeded daughter Khione, beautiful goddess Of Snow Sons, the Boreades, Chased away the Harpies That threatened the King Phineus Of Thrake Athens Celebrated Boreas Festivals Praising him, the god of the cold North Wind © Sandra M. Haight 2014 All Rights Reserved ~1st Place~ Contest: Gods of Winds Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton Judged: 01/02/2015 Website used for research: _________________________________________________________________ Pronunciations: Boreas (vaw reh aas) Thrack (thrak) Oreithyia (aw ree thee aa) Khione (key own knee) Boreades (vaw reh ad es) Phineus (finn ee us)
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Concrete Castle in the Sky


                                                       g r e w 
                                                      d  a  r  k
                                                   t h i s   d a y,
                                                a  n   x  i  e   t  y 
                                                  s t r e t c h e d 
                                                  u n d e r     the 
                                                  blanket       o f   
                                                  d a r k  n e s s.
On  bended   knees                 they all g a t h e r e d
round at the bottom                o f  t h e       c r o s s
realizing what they'd done to the Son of Father. Jesus 
   gazed at their grief and sounds of raining tears; all
   they      could  see  was  the  blood - stained cross, 
   they      forgot   that  He  was  a  gift  for      us all. 
   Once more He  a r o s e  on the third day     to  be
   seen  only  to  those  chosen ones who spoke,  ate,
   and drank with               H i m,  to  receive   H i m
   back as L o r d.              After  the  Lord   J e s u s
   had spoken  to               them, He  was   taken  up
   to  h e a v e n                to  sit at the right hand of
   The F a t h e r.               Through  H i s death  and
                 R e s u r r e c t i o n
               He reconciled us
           back to the Father. 
      Concrete steps
 to our Lord.


     				                               /   \
			                                     /`  I ;\
 			                                    /.built ;\
                                                          /a castle; \
			                                /. In the sky \
			                               /    out of    ; :\
				                      /, ;  _  _  _  __ :\
			                                [,   concrete  ,]
				                        [ [ ] blocks    ;]
				                        [     [        ]   ;]
 l”l  l“’l  l”’l  l”’l                                   [           l”l  l“’l  l”’l  l”’l  l
[   Pinnacle   ;]			                [          [      stained    ;] 
[     Crowns  ;]			                [and    [glass windows ;]
\ - ..__. .:--- /			                [            \..______ ..:/
  [-----------]_l”l  l“’l  l”’l  l”’l l”l  l“’l  l”’l  l”’l _  l”’ [  ---=---=-]
  [  [ ]      .;]     to live a life that pleases God .   [   *-*      ;]
  [ * = *   .[]  Centered in an entranced island of [verdant.: ]
  [   l    l   . ]  green     /###  \ garden, hues of  [ colour  .: ]
  [   l _ l  .: ]blossoms ll        ll  vanishing under  [ glowing.: ]
  [   =     .: ]  heaven  ll        ll Fireplace spitted  [ to life   .: ]
  [	      .: ]  torch     ll        ll  lights   flicker     [ reflecting ]
  [   __,   .: ]  in the    ll        ll  tower  walls as    [ lace veils ]
  [	      .: ]  hang of  ll       ll  the ceiling casting[ shadows  ]
  [     _    .: ]------------>======== < ------ --(____ ____)
  (    * --   .: )----- /  Prayers  for //  ----------------------
~             ~        /   Strength    //  ~``			~
 ~	..              /     Peace       //	``	~   ..
               ~     /      Hope       //  ~		       ~             3/27/2018