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Eden Liat Harris December 22nd 1996 second half

an irrevocable positive transformation occurred 
within and without 
   the world according to Matthew Scott Harris 
   got mussed and stirred.

No longer central focus of mein kempf, 
   NON GMO, and glue tin free
continual attention to offspring 
took precedence not always glee
full, and how receptive lee

toward voluntary selflessness: 
   case in point regarding the selfish me
bumped off the long entrenched priority 
toward my needs and wants prithee. 

A recombinant adjustment incumbent 
outlook arose upon freshly minted papa, 
   where stork sent
Weltanschauung demanded gent
to reef focus his shift, which meant
twenty four hours, seven days a week 

   plus work in order to pay rent
away from him, and directed a tent
shun toward welfare, welcome, and well being 
   for totally tubularly dependent new outlook on life, 
   especially when spouse went
out for a breathing spell
became priority number 
   one thru...infinity, no hard sell

though lacking with any knowhow aye tell
asper tendering attention upon survival 
   of (what essentially 
   constituted a foreigner), like George Szell
thy senses required rejiggering, which this fell 
low highly struggled with cuz, 

no handbook (as promised by manufacturer to boot 
ever preceded via Sir-vex), nor followed suit 
leaving nervous dada in the dark spooked by a hoot
at onset, when our bundle of joy 
   more valuable than any amount of loot

could buy, and when back to apartment we did rent 
(at that time) Pennfield Manor not heaven sent 
situated within breathing distance 
   of slaughter house five scent.

Copyright © matthew harris