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Imp-ulse Attraction

The seductive voice
emanating from the Cyclops eye,
whispers:    Don’t believe what you see!
Only trust what I say,
when you zombie sleep turn off the TV

Have no bewitching faith in your bad dreams,
especially the one with the crooked hand
grabbing ear hold of the gold-plated brass ring
Ignore the power drain on your telly screen

Stay half-woke! 
Keep those guppy vote eyes 
moving left and right,
my piggy toe, lemming ear fools
Wait for the aura swaying sound-byte
to entice those dark desire taboos

You’re so sales pitch, party animal suggestible ...
I love it, how you dress so decadently immoral,
my little politically incorrect $$ toga minnows

Keep sleepwalking!
Stay fully farm-raised focused 
on the electro-magnetism 
auditory waves
That imp-ulse attraction 
is what you crave

Just gator wait 
a silver coin moment longer,
my delectable, mint mice surfer snuff friends
Let this seductive swaying sound-byte
hang ten rope you in

Give a retinal swing paralyzing listen, 
as I take a fatal pocket bite 
from your gullible, leather purse skin

Pay distracting, shiny object attention
to my  billowy,  Citizen Kane mirage grin
Let this Pied Piper, organ grinder leech sound
make your monkey paws 
give a generous, no-refund donation send

Does the tin foil hat on your head
get good reception
when my green antennae lips starts spinning?
I covetously know you lustily want
another slice of someone else's cake
A bigger portion of their pie

C eye vow to get you drunk on purchasing power
I do promise puppet you 
a set of new enamel knives

Allow this imp-ulse attraction
to warmly wrap you in a web of 
tonsil toxic tonic jinn lies

Stay cocooned!
Keep that fleece blanket of false security
pillow-tucked snugly around your con-sumer beliefs

Remove your hand from the remote!
Let the aural slime oozing out take blob control
Open those half-hibernating eyes ...
give your flaccid Pinocchio nose a little snuff pinch
With a stiff neck, hypnotic viewer appetite:
Glow pound foolish     penny wise,
as your vacant heart get stilled by the visual stench

And the impish, seductive voice 
serpentine whispers snake-eye temptingly:
	What you just saw, don’t parlay believe!
It was all pre-fixed bettor wage:  Technicolor gaming staged
So give a black-and-white silent scream,
	when the $ubliminal broadca$t $ignal fade$

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr.