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Keep your head up high

Keep your Heads up high 
Inspire your self 
And keep moving
Don't impress no one but your self 
Yes be in competition with your self
Instead of the world that don't care 
Set your goals and get them 
Set up another go for it 
Be limitless my friend 
Who told you you cant do it 
You can always get to your height
Your dreams are possible
So Inspire yourself
Never say never 
Keep your head up high

Keep your head up high 
The world can never come 
After you 
If you are not successful
Success speak for it self 
So is not your fault you got haters 
If your are wise turn them to motivation
They never believe in you 
But your achievement could turn 
Enemies to friends 
So inspire yourself
Be limitless 
Let no one stop you 
Your are already a force 
So stand tall or fall below
Despite all challenges of life
Be yourself be focus
Keep your head up high

Copyright © richard nnoli