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My eyes can't believe what I am seeing,
My ears can't believe what they are hearing,
I have no words for those naive beings, 
And my hearts and mind confused by mixed feelings.
Does Anger come into play or do we forgive the words they say?
Do we feel sad for how they are thinking?
Living a life controlled and slowly sinking?
I once tried to worn them, just to be mocked and slowly condemned.
By who I call my people my dearest and nearest, family and friends.
Some of us see it so clearly, where others only see things like rain on glass very bleary.
So I will look after myself and the ones I love and pray to God our above, for all the sheep on earth, who's life will never really be there's or of real worth 
Sad to say but oh how true, just stumps my mind, so crazily.
No control,no say, no freedoms when manipulation is your existence. Some may be content with that, and that is fine.
But I will not be complacent and owned by those who want their power and ego grown. Who aren't happy with what they have so they
Will selfishly take from me.
Who do they think they are how unhumaine and evil can they be, thinking they can fool the world that we are so stupid we won't see. 
So the sheep will slowly release me and think they are safer, and it won't be a problem you see because they have been programmed to be empathy free and soon they will totally forget about you and me.
Slowly one by one group by group will disappear and they will be gone and we will be here.

Copyright © Vivian Brazier