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Whispers In The Dark

What's hiding in my bedroom?
Dark evil spirits of the night.
Always lurking in the shadows, 
Forbidden to breach the light.

Constant whispering while I sleep,
Ever tormenting restless dreams.
Icy fingers clutching my throat,
Awakened me with fading screams.

Heart pounding as I look around,
In my closet; a stark surprise.
Peering coldly from the depths,
The subtle glow of angry eyes.

Stricken by fear and paralyzed,
Pins and needles rush down my spine.
As the covers slip off the bed,
From below, a menacing whine.

A pair of hands tug at my feet,
And roughly jerk me to the floor.
Drug swiftly into the closet,
Then brutal sound of slamming door.

Tandem footsteps sprint down the hall,
Frightened parents come rushing in.
Now greeted by an empty room,
Never to see their child again.

Copyright © Randy Freie