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Wisdom Tree

Dawn, you fall upon striking radiance, Birds lift the sky using wings patience, Barren and wizened tree, I trust your vitality, A sympathy that teams will ignite beauty. In a palm tree, I sense the vicinity of God, Insight into the immersion of her slid plod, Unbounded in the knot of her whirling line, Sprouts that grip her arm detect the shine. A forlorn area with five palms and no plan, A sequence can be upheld or a dream span, The Sun, also the wind, renovate them up, God is the lone neighbor of this turning shrub. They sent me a brilliant association card, Interface with each one or tool; odds aired, An echo or soft spell will assist you to connect, Permit a break to interfere with the planet. Dwelling to gain my insight and future move, If you're a skeptic, ignore others' reprove, Alike fall leaves, beliefs, and flows are altering, Take advantage of your mothers cunning. The clay of life morphs sort of borne gold, Hooray for the victorious funding reward! Poems are alike tepid baths for the heart, When the wind blow and the shrubs melt. Connect with your spirit and the sacred tree, I barely foresee the specifics of your jubilee, To simplify your life, adapt rather than resist, Ultimately, colors can evoke thoughts of drift. I sense grace in how she sways in the breeze. Dignity as she soars to the heights, appease. She relaxes as she exudes the noxious air She displays courage by resisting despair.
Written: May 15, 2022 Wisdom From Trees Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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