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Dr Harold F Shipman Psychopathic Killer

Psychopath definition: A mentally ill or unstable person. A person who engages in antisocial behavior and exhibits a pervasive disregard for the rights, and feelings, and safety of others.
 Serial killer: Performing a series of similar acts over time, killing.
 These two definitions describe this trusted Physician, who betrayed his Hippocratic Oath, and murdered through injections, over 250 of his patients.
 Forensic Profilers painted a darker picture of Freddy, as he was called by his mates.
On the surface he appeared to be a normal child. Looking deeper into his childhood, you find issues, in his social development.
 His mother Vera was dying of cancer and Freddy struggled watching his mother get daily morphine injections while dying. On the day of her death, Freddy was devastated. At seventeen years of age. He ran into a rainstorm, running the whole night. Traumatized over his mothers death. Experts say that impacted his dark behavior and he related his mother's death with the use of morphine, which was how he killed his patients, in the coming years.
 Dr. Harold F. Shipman was living two lives, one being a caring Dr. and the other
a serial killer. A Jekyll and Hyde was he.
 Addicted to Pethidine, he was  taking his patients prescriptions, by increasing the dosage.
 He lost his license to Practice medicine. He went through rehabilitation, and was reinstated again.
 His killing spree was ending soon. A Mortician named John Poddard noticed many of the deaths he embalmed, were from Dr. Shipman.
 Dr's saw, his patients were dying at an alarming rate. Dr. Linda Reynolds called the police with her suspicions. After they investigated they told her," That she was mistaken and  Dr. Shipman was a pillar of the community." He went on to kill three more patients.
 Dr. Shipman was the last person to see Kathleen Grundy. She mysteriously died
and left a will, giving Dr Shipman all her assets.
 Angela Woodruff Kathleen's daughter, was suspicious and called the police.
 In the investigation they proved he lied about ever seeing the will, when in fact his fingerprint was on it. The Autopsy was redone, and it determined she had Diamorphine, in her body, causing her death. Also the letters on the will, were typed, from the Dr's typewriter.
  The Dr was convicted of nineteen murders and went to prison. On January 13th 2004, he took his life by hanging himself in prison. His final act of killing.

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