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He Gives

He is the giver of life, the giver of light The giver of hope, faith and love The giver that rains down joy from above He is the giver of grace, the giver of peace He gives more than we expect, more Than we can ever give back… We will never outgive the giver of all givers The giver of our hearts and souls The One who lights up the morning with sun And the evening with the moon and stars The One who colors our dreams in vibrant hues Of wonder and joy, silencing every doubt Assuring us of miracles that will abound Delighting the imagination, charming the heart Gratifying the soul with beauty and grace He is the giver of inspiration, the giver of courage He brings us through the worst pain and sorrow Reassures our hearts when they are breaking Encourages our minds to believe and praise Him He is the giver of serenity, the sweetest peace Lives because He is a giver of harmony and tranquility He erases all the darkest dread and frees us From the destruction of our past failures and sins He is the giver of so many things we can’t even list Because the full pages would fill up massive books He is the giver, the maker, the gracious Creator His love dances through our souls, promising Heartening, inspiring, cheering us on… So that wherever we go and whatever we do… His light is always reflected from inside Where His Holy Spirit stirs our love to life He is the giver and I can never outgive Him But I can honestly say… I praise Him With all of my heart, all of my thoughts All of the love that I take time to give away Because He taught me that my love Was meant to be given without conditions! With all of my heart… I pray from my soul… To the giver of life, the giver of hope The giver of faith and the giver of love A prayer of sincere gratitude for all the wonder His light shines across the moments, the days Across hearts and souls who belong to His Son! I am so so so Thankful for the Giver of all!

Copyright © Regina McIntosh