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Losing My Best Friend

When you first get your dog there is a wonderful joy, like he is one
of your own children. You go through a get to know each other period
and a Special bond is developed, with you and him.
 You soon grow to love one another. He is part of the family, he is there 
to love you when you get home from work, and there to say goodnight
before you go to bed.
 There is a bonding and interaction that develops affectionately between
everyone in the family and your beloved dog. He is the king of the house.
 My brother Gus, his wife Elena, son Brandon, and daughter Briana can
attest to these words. My brother decided to answer a dog ad for a Pug.
 When he got there he realized he had a sister and he decided to bring
her along too. Not wanting to separate a brother and sister.
 The boy was named Jeter after the Yankees player and the girl Lucy 
after Lucille Ball. This is their story.

 Jeter and Lucy were Pugs that were inseparable.
 You can say that they were very attached and compatible.
  Everywhere Jeter went Lucy followed.
  One day they got loose and got in a bit of trouble.
  The family spent hours looking for them.
  They were found down the street, both with a Cheshire grin.
  Both were brought home and no treats for a week.
  That didn't last long, they begged and got their treat.
  If Lucy got a treat Jeter, would ask, what about me?
  They were quite the team, full of drama and comedy.
  These two spent many years enjoying each other's company.
   Some lovable moments and some very funny.
  The joy they brought to the family, will forever live on.
   As their beloved Jeter today Sadly moved On.
   Lucy was there till Jeter's final Breaths.
   She knew because she cried at the time of his death.
   She then moved and laid her head on him.
   With much love, whispered, "Jeter some day, I will see you Again."
   Gus and Elena filmed her farewell.
   As their Heartfelt emotions, were saddened and deeply felt.
   Tonight will be Lucys first night without Her brother.
   We pray that in time Lucy recovers...

              Jeter will live on in Our Hearts
               and minds. He will never be
                forgotten says: Lucy, Gus, 
                Elena, Brandon and Briana.

Michael Tor



Copyright © michael tor