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Mother Nature

"Join hands to sweep clean of all dirt and preserve the pristine beauty of Nature to enhance the quality of living. If not, fear her lashing us black and blue"
-by poet

Nature, you are God’s lovely creation, Dressed in grandeur, decked in regal beauty You give us much scope for recreation, Preserving your grace becomes our duty Poets chant and sing umpteen praises of you, Sages withdraw to your silence serene, Beasts and birds have found you as their own home, Men find their sustenance and thrive on you, Dales and valleys – add to your brilliant sheen The sky with its stars form your golden dome Dark forests and running brooks lend you charm, Deep Ravines and hills spell your mystery. It’s our duty to save you from all harm Sometimes you baffle with your trickery Always kind you are, yet some brutish men, Dismally assault you, they maim and mar, They suck out your life sap – they leave you dry, They keep on committing sin after sin Your beautiful frame, to pieces they tear With their selfish acts, badly mortify You were once so temptingly beautiful You could amaze and take our breath away Looked so elegant, lovely and graceful In scenic beauty, you could proudly sway You were Princess of royal lineage Been decked in brilliantly colorful shade But your thankless children carelessly spread Toxic fumes, carbon and dirty garbage And all your wealth they callously invade They will ooze out your blood and cast you dead! May.4.2022 Form O-Ode- New Poems Poetry Contest Topic... Nature Syllable Count-10 per line Sponsor- Constance La France

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