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Imagine this if you will


Gladly going about your daily business

Being stopped by a suited man armed with a smile and a clipboard

Who says excuse me Mum may i bother you for a second ?

I am currently conducting a survey

I know you enjoy and like to play and carry on regardless 
with reckless ??????

Are you fond of games ?

And are you fond of solving puzzles ?

Good then riddle me this ?

Do you know what word  ?

I am trying to describe by means of using alternatives defined in or by a thesaurus ?

1) Deserted
2) Jilted
3) Forsaken
4) Rejected
5) Orphaned

Still stuck ?

Well here is your final clue that even you surely
are to cold and calculated to miss

It's a child's greatest nightmare and fear

And the cruelest thing a mother could ever do

Copyright © Christopher Flaherty