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Just Call Me A F u G hing Hip Poke Writ

Just Call Me A F*****G Hip Poke Writ

Oh flibbertigibbet
damn, heil (Stuart Little) let mice
self down dagnabbit,
no matter this lactose intolerant,

conscientious, consumer and avowed kit
and caboodle - ninny vegetarian,
who lacked true grit,
cuz he craved a ham, rabbit

and cheese sandwich that hit
the bunny phone
spot (courtesy pit
tickle yule lee
     of The Daily Bread

Community Food Pantry sit
chew waited at 3938 Ridge Pike
    Collegeville, Pennsylvania 19426)
aye red deli admit
to fear with some darkly knit

shadow of a doubt reddit
lee, about being a boot
being smidgen afrit
of some powerful jinn crit
ture, demon, nor banshee

     making mincemeat out of me
     (Matthew Scott Harris),
whom now wants
to make quick exit
(and if fye sprouted

wings, would flit)
cuz, yours truly did coe vit
an insatiable app pit
tight carnivorous consumption
     where a craving awoke

like an addict hood needs a hit
ma tastebuds writhed with a bit
of minor seizure to let
me dentures bite to edit
mas exclusion of meat, and savor

     mouth watering satisfaction
as if masticating an illicit
substance, and all the while
     my awareness sans unethical
treatment of animals

went out figurative window
a disc credit
tummy sympathy for
     hogtied eggs eck rubble mitt
treatment steer

     ring agri business
to the mighty dollar,
     where die hard
at least slaughter houses will never quit!

Copyright © matthew harris