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Panting Poet

                    with palms damp
                and the gnarled mane
              as this poet in dark muse
           strokes the coiled strans back
        revealing tattered cheek and bone
       top life’s weathered troddened mask 

    eye clouded through see to one but have i  
   lips crusted dried these with kiss to one and
   lined cloaked mi wretched the not minds she
  bather and disrober a becomes aficionada my
   arrange find locks knotty my gentle the with
    whisper the ears anxious these in abruptly
      "awe all my mi my you missed so have i"

*The second stanza is read; right to left
top to bottom so too, the daring; read as the usual...
the poet "en-depth" will find no..despair

I so hope that anyone reading this long poem
doesn't mind that I used the ( i ) twice here.
The capital (I) kind of deranged the picture.
I will try writing shorter ones.
I hope that I am right; this being "shape"
TY...I am new here

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