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the exhibitionists

standing clothed at the edge of the mall parking lot
with a lush green park set next to him---
slowly beginning to undress, right down to the complete nakedness
au naturel, exposed, in the birthday suit,
with the genitalia swinging at semi
feet picking up the pace
brisk air kissing the buttocks
mooning left & right in a spastic, excited, rant of physicality &
the screaming mothers who really want it
see the children laughing & pointing fingers
see the seniors laugh & cringe, still deciding as to whether this is the
most grotesque thing they’ve ever seen or
the last intriguing moment they’ll ever have before they
croak---seeing this, she gets inspired,
in sweet anasyrma she gets up from the bench whereupon she had been sitting &
while watching the nude man make his way into the mall,
she lifts up her own skirt to expose herself to the world,
turning around & bending over,
getting aroused as those disgusted by the man now shout at her &
suddenly the couple who’d been getting steamy in the car
directly behind the girl showing her hoo-hoo
to the people of the parking lot & adjacent park,
now decide to make their way out into the dead center of the green,
groping & stroking & kissing & licking & 
taking the onlookers to the next level,
with jaws dropping & pacemakers stopping,
mothers covering their kiddies faces 
as the couple goes at it like rabbits 
hopping & bopping & hopping & bopping---
whilst the two are screwing for the public eye & the girl’s hoo-hoo is staring at the sun & the man in the mall is shaking his balls
all over aeropostale, j. crew & the gap,
she gets on her cell & punches in a random number,
after someone picks up she cries through the line
“hey baby, devinez ce que je fais maintenant?”

Copyright © andrew delapruch