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During the time of the lustry preen,
Searching through the sea and land behold,
Beside a floating river,
I found a pretty queen,
Listening to the orchestra in green,
In her arm,my heart were fold,
Looking through her retina my soul mow,
For her loves makes me batty and pow,
Yet saved me from the awful snow,
By her love my tears blow,
By her kiss my smile grow,
Let's switch the balalaika sound,
While our fragile count,
Like a hound,
In the journey of love relay,
She stretched her hands to protect my heart through belay,
You are so precious than a diamond stone,
For my love to you is an adze hone,
In a ward of love,
I'm brew,
Even when the wind whack like whet hew, 
The sky still remain blue,
When the love breeze blew.

Copyright © Victory Udochukwu Ferdinard