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Identity Prose Poetry Poems

These Identity Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Identity. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Identity poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Know yourself
I wonder from all the seasons,
which one is me?

How do nature's elements
define my identity?

When clouds reflect judgement,
it does not matter what they think,
I do not...

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Categories: analogy, seasons, spiritual,


Sone ka too qatara dhoondhe
Kab tab usako chalaega
Pahaad khodakar jeene vaala
Khud Heera ban jaayega

Dariya kee apanee pahachaan
Ek boond se banata jahaan
Sooraj kee roshanee paakar
Chaand kitana...

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Categories: fear, happiness, hindi, identity,

Apna Time Aayega
?? ?????? ?? ????,
?????? ?? ??? ?????
????? ?? ?? ?????,
????? ??? ??? ???????
???? Time ??????

???? ????? ?? ???,
???? ?? ????????
??? ???? ?? ???,
???? ??? ????...

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Categories: change, dedication, feelings, hip

Watermelon Gum: A Poem About Identity Crisis's In The City
The words “watermelon gum” and “stifling heat” shouldn’t be synonymous with the sentiments that ripped me to shreds during the month of July--and although all...

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Categories: 11th grade, anger, anxiety,

A Poem In Which Nothing Is True
The Messiah you see painted on the ceilings of your churches and on the floors of the convenience stores on the corner are me--I know...

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Categories: 11th grade, analogy, religion,

Rainbow Children of Light

After every dark downpour,
the tears of heaven makes the sky brighter
But many still only blindly see
through the prism of pain
So sadly, 
they continue to have...

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Categories: identity, spiritual, truth, wisdom,

Lost Identity

Last week 
I had raised an open question; 
There is no response.
I know because I have scanned
The air,
All newspapers and weekly tracts,
My mail
And even my...

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Categories: philosophy,

Premium Member PROTOTYPES
Nowhere on land to be me- Being the prototype of mankind is hard. Maybe I'll return to the sea. Liken to the chicken nesting in...

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Categories: creation, deep, identity, life,

Premium Member Translucent Epiphany
Translucent Epiphany

‘Kismet’ he thought ‘What nonsense please smooch my elbow for real’
He had no time for Karma as things are what they are without coincidence

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Categories: identity, journey, love,

Premium Member - The Sadness And Pain -

Her quest for the meaning of her existence and identity
It promised rarely good, although everything was laid in fate's hands
She thought the pain was supposed,...

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Categories: angst, deep, depression, feelings,

will be
to keep up.
The old
will resist
fight the
loss of
will be
the fabric of
turning to
known will 
be obliterated.
loses its 
It will
happen one

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© JG Collins  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art,

Premium Member The Mighty Horse

God has not forgotten you, Mighty Horse.
At one time you ran through canyons,
and green meadows
never before seen by men.
You were as free as the icy...

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Categories: beauty, blessing, courage, happiness,

How I am, me
It's written with neurons what you feel, 
it's your cells, your very inner being,
you think it's going to change tomorrow, 
can't use your school eraser...

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Categories: character, destiny, emotions, i

straight phase
Do you really want to be her straight phase?
 Do you really want to be her confused phase?
 Do you really want to be her...

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Categories: abuse, anti bullying, gender,

Premium Member Resonance
Earth health-love resonance
is bird song
contrasted to dissonance
of non-ecologos
decaying cars
and non-theomythic truck technologies
of terror
and mismanaged motorcycles
flowing incessantly by.

Optimal resonance lives inside an eco-forested bird sanctuary
before and...

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Categories: community, happiness, health, identity,

Poet: Ken Jordan
Poem: Stranger
Edited by: Sparkle Jordan
written: November/2011

I sing the ballad
of a stranger -

Travel'n down
a lonesome road -

I am the soothing 
voice in the wind,


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© Ken Jordan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: freedom, identity, loneliness,

Square one never given
Research of an introverts passion and finding a relationship.
Delusion is my work base.
Everyone else forgot to come.
Stuck in my mind the relationship breaks down due...

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Categories: deep, devotion, future, identity,

Yourself and no one else
If you lived to tell a lie  about your true identity then you never lived at all. 
Emotionally in the inside you might break...

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Categories: poems, poetry, poets,

Second Fiddle 2
Would you think less of me if I told you that I have no problem with ‘second fiddle’, or playing minor parts?  Being a...

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Categories: identity, introspection,

Second Fiddle

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Categories: identity, introspection,