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Hair Prose Poetry Poems

These Hair Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Hair. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Hair poems written by international poets.

your name
your name 
could you even tell me your name
has it always been the same
by any other?
all I sense are thorns

tell me I am mistaken
that you...

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Categories: break up,

On Love and Sleeo
I wake up
From a
Where flame
Singes my hair.
Getting up
I am soothed
By the halogen
Of a full moon.
I slide
Back to bed
Falling deeply
And waking up
I notice

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Categories: poems, religious,



I sit

In a coffee-house

As I so often do,


But never

Left alone

Sitting anonymously

In the warming crowd


In a favorite

Stuffed oversized


As if hiding

In a peaceful 

Winter cloud.

I peer




With my


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Categories: encouraging, religion,

Premium Member Dreaming of Scotland
Dreaming of Scotland

She was as pretty as a picture.
Fate had brought her to me at a dark tavern in Germany.
Her raging brown eyes and
auburn hair...

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Categories: love, relationship, sorrow,


My network begs an urgent announcement
Circuits inside confirmed: I’m coming to you live
New mind confirmed restricting past’s renouncement
Newly instated healthy mind immediately...

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Categories: life, senses,

Premium Member Love story
Love story

You were going to be a dancer, a poet, going to save our world. I was content to be in the reflection of your...

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Categories: lost love, love, meaningful,

It was an illicit affair, you'd think, they wouldn't dare, they believed, if we handle it with care no one would be aware. Bur they...

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Categories: appreciation, betrayal, devotion, encouraging,

To Orange
To Orange,
I've been dreaming, dreaming lately.
How things seemed so sure back then.
How love wasn't a flashback of the days.
How your kindness was taken for granted.

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Categories: 12th grade, age, desire,

Premium Member She wore flowers in her hair

                       She wore...

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Categories: adventure, flower, romantic love,

Aura Star
Aura Star

beneath the rubble throughout
 tumble thimble want to bee
 sought through of curtain wanna be 
 circle through the defiance years to see 

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Categories: art,

A Shower of Sediment
In such a whimsical action 
a half-asleep routine 
shaped disrobed and left stark naked
this vehicle, this housing, a shell
scarred skin, greying hair, bones, muscle 

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Categories: blessing, imagination, nature, poetry,

The Thief
The Thief

He did so much to make me love him.
Wildflowers on a summer's day;
A lone carnation after dinner.
A kiss beneath the midnight moon.

Oh yes, he...

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Categories: angst, boyfriend, heart, loneliness,

Uncertain Picture
Uncertain Picture

We see her in the garden of this world. 
Adorned in beauty seldom seen among women.        ...

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Categories: conflict, dream, flower, girl,

The Storm
The Storm

The cold, salt spray bit at my face,
As I walked alone in the sand,
And the dashing waves stoe my footprints;
As they raced upon the...

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Categories: god, image, imagery, joy,

My thoughts undulate like not seas
MY thoughts  undulate like not seas,
In depth sway lovely images at ease,
They come with shallow fancies without end,
And swing with shadows slowly increase,
Love crumbles...

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Categories: poetry,

Premium Member But A Moment - Love Snippets 2

"Hurry, you've gotta see this!"
She yelled at me from a hundred yards down the beach ...
So I ran, barefooted, as fast as I could to...

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Categories: appreciation, love, passion, romance,

Premium Member Florence and Charming
She’s coming! Mom said this in a sing-songy way.  
She knew that my twin and I were fascinated with Florence, 
she was like our...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Have You Met The New Girl
Have you met the new girl?
I admitted that I had not.
She is nuts.
Aha. Suddenly I pay more attention.
Have you met Sheila?
Not yet.
She wears crazy...

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Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade,

Beginning, Middle, End
Chapter 199
When I held the mirror up to my face
I saw beauty.
Not the kind that could start wars,
But the kind that could end them.
"I'm beautiful,"...

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Categories: abuse, anger, angst, anti

Premium Member Do Your Grandchildren A Favor
In the olden days at school the only time we heard squealing in elementary class was when Kitty wore a new hair bow like ours,...

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Categories: grandchild, grandparents, school,