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Grief Prose Poetry Poems

These Grief Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Grief. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Grief poems written by international poets.

Heart of a Rainbow
There’s someone with a pure heart 
so sky beautiful   ...   starlight celestial
Dressed in white clouds;
dove wind bleats the sound of an...

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Categories: allegory, death, life, rain,

I go to move the clock on your nightstand, but hesitate.
That’s where you always liked it, so I leave it in place.
Should I clear the...

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Categories: bereavement, death, goodbye, grief,

Spindleshanks Ain't No Legend
Spindleshanks Ain't No Legend...

But sits here donned in his foreign
aged (not so lovely) bag of bones
barely functioning surviving, but by
skin off his teeth, (which explains

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Categories: 6th grade, 7th grade,

Premium Member A Black Oak Tree
A noble Black Oak tree stands tall and tranquil 
Wearing brown, old and dried crumpled leaves
Withstanding all autumn and winter storms
Without any distress or any...

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Categories: april, creation, earth day,

Since the beginning,
I've been beating here,
telling Papa, "Boys can cook, too..."
In flames, sometimes...
Downright heart broken some nights...
The moonlight...
So many smiling faces after heartbreaks...
Letting go sometimes...

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Categories: feelings, grief, heartbreak, heartbroken,

Soldier's sacrifice
•The li'l kid was promised to celebrate next birthday together,
•The lady was the happiest by the news of next meeting.
•Some considered him martinet,
With family he...

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Categories: encouraging, poetry, poets,

Upon the Death of My Brother
At the end of this past night's dream, I came around the corner and saw into the kitchen, where Wilum was doing the dishes. I...

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Categories: brother, death, funeral, grief,


The day I heard you had died I had no idea what to feel
I was not happy, I was not sad, I was not numb

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Categories: 9th grade, childhood, daughter,

Premium Member My Son's Resting Place
All paths lead back to this place
Where you rest in eternal peace
Today a white blanket of nature
Keeps you in God’s warm embrace

Snowflakes fall around me...

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Categories: death, father son, grave,

Grief and suffering
I can be
A Life sentence to many

Because . . .

The more you love me
The more 
I will hurt you in return

I can take away your...

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Categories: age, anxiety, appreciation, bereavement,

The Shadow of What Might Have Been
The Shadow of What Might Have Been

How many great things have died upon the wind?
Great songs torn from out a composers heart,
Their melodies fading with...

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Categories: anxiety, christian, courage, wisdom,

Tides of Life
Tides of Life

Thoughts of my heart flowed out as tears,
The future ahead holds lots of fears.
As I alone walked down that memory lane,
I felt nothing...

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Categories: absence, bereavement, death, grief,

The Day Hope Died
The Day Hope Died

We all arose and washed our faces.
The day Hope died.
There was no use to waste time on tears.
Now that Hope was gone.


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Categories: beauty, care, death, death

The Protectors
All she really wanted to do was to live her life the way she wanted to live, not the way the protectors thought she should.

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Categories: destiny, dream, encouraging,

Premium Member WAR

Since the beginning of time
men have given up their lives to fight battles
no one can ever win.
We must learn God's way
to solve our problems
and stop...

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Categories: anxiety, betrayal, conflict, death,

Rich Man Poor Man
Rich Man, Poor Man,
Beggar Man, Thief.

A Soldier, Sailor,
And a Tinkering Taylor.

All shelter me
From this intolerable grief.

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Categories: angst,

Premium Member Mother's Final Trip

She looked innocent;
like a child
who was going to take
a long trip;
skin sweaty like the surface
of a kitchen wall.
How many times
we had been together

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Categories: anxiety, christian, courage, daughter,

its not just for
black  brown or white
its a  human right
get off that wall
help thoses who fall

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Categories: destiny, grief,

The remnants of her love

I had my chance 
And somehow I blew it
I know that you love me too
As much as I love you

The keyboards on our computer
Can only...

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Categories: appreciation, devotion, lost love,

The Dead Know Nothing
Lift up your head.
You can feel beaten down,
But you are not beaten.
The Dead feel nothing.

Breathe in. Breathe out.
Bend the knee, feel the pain,
But, you 'feel'...

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Categories: blessing, life,