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Grandparents Prose Poetry Poems

These Grandparents Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Grandparents. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Grandparents poems written by international poets.

Premium Member My Own Personal Christmas Lights
I had a red jeep once,
my husband rigged it up with
Christmas lights on the running board.
I was puffed up about it.

My grandparents had the best

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Do Your Grandchildren A Favor
In the olden days at school the only time we heard squealing in elementary class was when Kitty wore a new hair bow like ours,...

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Categories: grandchild, grandparents, school,

Premium Member I Wonder If Its Too Late To Do It All Over Again
I wonder if fate had me pegged all along life’s path. My sagging smile and breasts, still lifting though depressed. My husband and I adapt...

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Categories: age, fate,

Premium Member UnWoven Memories
I grew up and out on a four family-owned,
and cooperatively-organized,
extended matriarchal farm.

Four interdependent 1940s through 1970s patriarchally managed businesses,
without substantial questions about who should wear...

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Categories: culture, family, farm, happiness,

Until I opened up
_Conviction Office,_

Dear You,


I think I'm open
In the sense that i Outwardly Portray External Nonsense
Oh yes! I'm OPEN!
But what about the inside?
I thought...

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Categories: grandparents, together,

Premium Member Domestic Entertainments
I find my entertainments close to home
as nothing could be more wildly hilarious
and downright curious
than my own complex teenagers
who sometimes speak
and do their math
about what...

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Categories: adventure, earth, happiness, home,

Hey ye juvenile rose
Dedicated to those teens, out of desperation end up committing extreme acts, ending life. My dear sweet children keep one point in your mind. Life...

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Categories: childhood, children, depression, emotions,

I am not a whore
I am not my grammar

My English may be poor

But I am a straight talker, woman of my word

My speech conveys much meaning and wisdom

I do...

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Categories: grandparents, growing up, lust,

Premium Member Here We Are
Here we are huddling together,
neither our collective nightmare
nor our communal wetdream.

At our best,
struggling together with future and past health
of generations,
at our worst competing against each...

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Categories: earth, health, lost, love

Premium Member Sandwich Blues Generation
Sometimes it feels easier to throw my younger generation
in with my older generation
and walk away,
as quickly as possible,
without drawing undue attention to my own eagerness

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Categories: black african american, culture,

Premium Member Backyard Politics of Love, etc
By now this self-analytical Left mindbody lens grows thin
imagining dualistic cultural dominance,
logically sciencing,
rationally defaulting to either-or assumptions
supposedly proving either x or y
does notnot also equal...

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Categories: earth, happy, health, humanity,

Life According To Me
Life According To Me

I have observed that some of the shortest lives contributed so much more than most. We all have known of many...

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Categories: evil, god, grandparents, marriage,

Working from morning till the noon,
Outside the house under the sky blue,
To earn the leisure and comforts of life,
With friends, family and beloved wife.

Is this...

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Categories: business, care, career, child,

They were deceive by their city government.

They were people that were burden by the struggles of the universe.  [Image]


No one knew.

It just was their...

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Categories: black african american, color,

I dreamt you
in golden threads of sunlight;
streaming, dancing, mingling with
azure waters...

dreamt you calling,
singing out my name in your regal orcan tongue...

dreamt you in each face...

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Categories: angel, bereavement, dream, family,

With childhood eyes, reflecting
Clear mountain day, remembering
Fresh cut hay, reviving
Together we’d play, etching 
Memories never to be forgotten

The morning crisp, awakening
Aromas hint, of baking
Small morning...

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Categories: childhood, children, family, grandparents,

Your My Dear Friend
We have been together
treasured joy now for many years
we trust each other with our
emotions, with affection, tears,

Any day when you are sick or hurting
I feel...

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Categories: community, culture, dad, daughter,

A Silver Sixpence
On a cold frosty night the moon hung in the dark sky like a silver sixpence,
Waiting for a bus that seemed to be hours late,...

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Categories: christmas, christmas, night, grandparents,

Bethnal Green 1850
It is a Sunday morning in spring the bright sun shines in Bethnal-green,
Wander along a path between the church, the railway towards Whitechapel,
For one day...

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Categories: history, beautiful, beautiful, morning,

Memories of grandparents-2
A twelve year old boy, village-bred   and  very shy
Having but token familiarity with buses, routes and places
Escorts his mom’s mom,  very...

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Categories: family, night,