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Games Prose Poetry Poems

These Games Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Games. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Games poems written by international poets.

an apology that's overdue
My mind feels weak
My mind feels heavy
Sometimes, my mind goes fast
Sometimes my mind goes so fast and i can't keep up.

My mind likes to play...

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Categories: anxiety, cry, for teens,

Satellite love

Love  [ luhv ] 
i.e.  - Your love was like a drug rushin through my veins 
I got higher when we would play hurtful games 
I would cheat on...

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Categories: best friend, black love,

Domestic Abuser
You represent the streets like only you do
But, hate the fact that you're and abuser too
You abused your children and tried to take their mother's...

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Categories: abuse, child abuse, hurt,

Premium Member Do Your Grandchildren A Favor
In the olden days at school the only time we heard squealing in elementary class was when Kitty wore a new hair bow like ours,...

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Categories: grandchild, grandparents, school,

Premium Member The Queen Of Mean
When I grow up I shall be queen.  I shall rule in the meanest way possible. I shall lure my subjects to the castle...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member The Great Idea
He is young, excited, thrilled, with his clipboard and new almost-position.
His own idea, he wants to be in charge of the focus room, a place...

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Categories: perspective, school,

Premium Member Seeking Sanctuary
Diaspora Dwellings

On my way into our sanctuary
this past Sunday morning
a woman I had met in choir
was strangely inclined
to share her family history.

Her dad came over...

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Categories: earth, family, green, health,




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Categories: anxiety, appreciation, flower, games,

Premium Member The Nasty games of fate
In the path of loneliness, he so far was walking patiently  
There was no one to see, he was at a stage where his...

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Categories: fate,

Mind games
I was in love with him,
Without any particular reason or logic behind,
Just pure love. I blame the chemistry and the pheromones. 
I don’t know what...

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Categories: devotion, dream, feelings, inspirational

March Madness


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Categories: basketball, youth,

What If
What if
        there's nothing after this?
If it were so and for sure, we knew
   what changes...

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Categories: i love you, time,

Every Second Matters
I shed tears endlessly, wondering how and when,
 I’ll pick up the pieces and move onto a different place and time,
Where the burden is lighter...

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Categories: allah, appreciation, art, lost,

Going, coming, running, staying
Oh the mind games they keep playing
Or perhaps it my mind playing tricks on me.
Broken cracked complete insanity.
Shadows and secrets whispers and...

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Categories: anxiety, confusion, poems,

Send me your heart
Write me your dreams
Letters forever
That's how it seems 
It's now or never

Send me your heart babe
Wrapped in soft cloth
I know you're thinking

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Categories: dream, feelings, games, lost,

Premium Member If We Were Gods
If we were Earth gods and goddesses,
with powers to create anything we prefer
for our healthiest wealth attainment,
would we settle for living in a swamp
created by...

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Categories: creation, education, health, humor,

Premium Member ReCreative Tensions
You might believe competitive evolution
also shows potential for cooperative co-creation
because it takes at least two reiterative trends to tangle 
and tango.

And your contentment could include...

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Categories: conflict, culture, games, health,

Premium Member Ecological Imperatives
Ecologists seem more aware
than economic and political scientists
and capital and democracy leaders of state investments,
of the remarkable multi-functionality of natural systems,
like trees,
and river valleys
and their...

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Categories: age, destiny, games, happiness,

Premium Member Entertainment in My Youth
Entertainment in My Youth
By Franklin Price
revised and reformatted  to poetic prose
(an experiment for me)

Entertainment came quite easy, I could do it for myself. The...

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Categories: life, youth,

The Triumph of Pain
To do without the pains in life,
is for our minds to always be, 
only mere flower buds.
And in due time must,
only be peeled open;
one petal...

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Categories: adventure, games, poems, wisdom,