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Community Prose Poetry Poems

These Community Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Community. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Community poems written by international poets.

My Growing Up
Title: My growing up (episode one)

I was born to a native parents 
I guess my mum was a woman of substance
Papa is so good 

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Categories: africa, art, growth,

Leaving the earth
an idea with
to all men of vision
this objective could be
but at what cost
is it to 
for the cost will be
far from 
the sacrifices...

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Categories: desire, science,

Premium Member Will My Tomorrow ever Come


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Categories: art, beautiful, blessing, community,

Premium Member Reminiscing About Small Town Life
I unconditionally love the eutony heard by
my soul when I hear certain words.
zing, zip, zeal, zest, zealot, zipper, and z,
are particular favorites, for several sing-songy...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member STUCK ON BELIEFS Gives me the Creeps
Gives me the Creeps

People Laugh and get "tickled pink" when I respond to them by saying "I have forgotten more than...

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Categories: community, creation, deep, emotions,

Premium Member Enchanting Mother Fish
To find enchanting integrity,
She transparently confronts her disenchantments
with present and past toxic flow,
disempowering absences of synergetic experience,
like rape and enslavement and aggressive commodification,
disharmonic songs
without time...

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Categories: emotions, engagement, fish, health,

Premium Member Woman of Culture

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, celebration,

This World
This World 

The world we live in 
Has become so cruel
Children are now afraid to go to school
No longer there for an education 
They're fearing...

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Categories: art,

Memorial Day
Memorial Day
Behind the pomp and circumstance
The celebrations and parades
Remember those who battled
The platoons and the brigades
Take some time to think now
Of the freedoms we possess

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Categories: america, community, inspiration, memorial,

Premium Member Resonance
Earth health-love resonance
is bird song
contrasted to dissonance
of non-ecologos
decaying cars
and non-theomythic truck technologies
of terror
and mismanaged motorcycles
flowing incessantly by.

Optimal resonance lives inside an eco-forested bird sanctuary
before and...

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Categories: community, happiness, health, identity,

A Lost Art
I love to meet with friends, and to sit with them and chat,
A rewarding way to pass the time, discussing this and that,
As we set...

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Categories: community, culture, education, language,

Premium Member Burning Logs
Each flame 
elegantly weaves in waves
flowing up from resources red cinder hot,
similar in warm color
temperature decrees
of beauty as integrity's truth
trust each surrounding flame.

Each flame 

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Categories: caregiving, community, creation, health,

All I Know
Pain is all I know,
Rest brings no hope because 
I always have to return to the abuse of my choices,
choices driven by mental illness,
and addiction,

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Categories: abuse, addiction, fate, freedom,

Chicago Fire Of '68
I clocked out and headed for home before the darkness came.
From the street bus I witnessed mayhem, and felt so strange.
Like the actions of an...

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Categories: america, anger, community, hero,

Surviving Broken-Hearted Experiences

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Categories: childhood, children, dad, dog,

We are
It began at 
We are 
born with
but the 
begins at
Like an
the world 
begins to wrap.
As the years
go by the cocoon
Depending on
where you were

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© JG Collins  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art,

Dry Facts Can Perform Juicy Acts
Dry Facts Can Perform Juicy Acts

In the EFL community
all around the world
it’s an undeniable 
and unpleasant reality that
no matter how well-motivated
you and your students are

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© Idris Esen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: education, language, , cute,

Premium Member Memories of Monkey Bridge
Memories of Monkey Bridge

on summer days 
when heat rippled over
the lawn and jewel-like gardens
momma would emerge 
from the front door, our only door, 
with a...

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Categories: childhood, july,

Premium Member What You Pack In
If and when you pack investments into our wilderness of CommonHeld-Futures,
and feel committed to sustain for the longest healthy haul possible,
then, please, cooperatively re-invest back...

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Categories: gender, health, humor, integrity,

Billy And Bubba


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Categories: addiction, america, blessing, christian,