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Clothes Prose Poetry Poems

These Clothes Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Clothes. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Clothes poems written by international poets.

The Gold Scarf
The Gold Scarf

It’s colors are red and gold.    
Blending together in a wild design; like a dream.   
I hold...

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Categories: boy, boyfriend, break up,

Tommie Toenail
Little Tommie Toenail lived
In a shoe in the woods.
He always cries as he is poor.
He has no clothes, no food, no goods.

Tommie Toenail gave up...

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Categories: religion,

Premium Member Rats and Snakes Hiding In Here
There could be rats and snakes hiding in here.
Yes, I am talking about asps and cobras, big ones.
Hiding under the bed, no, not in my...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member It is Cold-Ugly Outside Today
I wake up and I think what am I doing here?
Why here?  Why the bitter cold Midwest in the winter?
Why not California or Florida,...

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Categories: introspection,

everything came from the back door
a peace offering sandwich
something to be lost on the clothes line
and when the door slamed close
chickens scramed with their necks...

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Categories: addiction,

The Two Winding Roads
The Two Winding Roads
        (Alice Advincula)

Sprawled before us in our life journey,
are two winding roads towards eternity.
One is...

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Categories: bible, christian,

Dream Series: Yukiko and Tsuki
Terrible dreams three days running, today's was an unbearable doozy. I woke up in a hotel room and had lost Tsuki and Yukiko. I had...

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Categories: dog, dream, fear, horror,

The emptying of the hall,
in memorandom or literal sprall,

The emptying of a peacefully worded spell,
layered with cement,
or drinks of the fall

One done for the rafters...

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Categories: care, city, cousin, cry,

It was a thunderous evening of lightning outside,
With swirling winds blowing all too fast,
All the animals, insects were running haywire,
Afraid to end up in the...

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Categories: beautiful, cute love, i

Island in The Sun
Walking by the ocean
With the tides and it’s white caps
Beaches of white sands
On a beautiful little island

Natives in their island clothes
Drumming and dancing in their...

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Categories: beach, imagery,

Kings and Queens

Their ways carry them far by their power people know just who they are.
Far out their houses sits alone miles of beautiful green grass.
They travel...

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Categories: poems, poetry, poets,

The midnight hour
The Midnight Hour

Something about a woman’s beauty makes me go crazy.
The woman puts her children to bed so they won’t see what grown people do...

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Categories: poems, poetry, poets,

Premium Member Lower Your Voice
Lower Your voice  #81

Lower Your Voice And Be More Clear
I appreciate that you are lowering your voice, 
Did you buy yourself some clothes?
Or at...

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Categories: voice,

What happen
Im trying to figure out 
What has happen 
We as women 
Have turned into a major distraction
We use to have value 
We use to have...

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Categories: art,

Mirrors of the soul
Tear drops roll down her nose.
She cries in grey corners,
Where no one would ever want to go.
She sits and stares and stares and sits
For hours...

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© Verena Vaz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse,

Tribute to Hurricane Harvey
On August 29, it rained 
Never knew that it would change 
Everything that they ever had is gone 
Tell me how do they move on

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Categories: art,

one more pill to help me chill
Like Alice in Wonderland I roam the desert of my mind trying to find a way out 
Every day I reinvent myself wondering whether or...

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© Joy Leftow  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, art, psychological, stress,

Light Green
I've had enough of life but new days keep pouring
She keeps telling me I've had enough of life
Yet she continues taking her clothes off 


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Categories: dark, love, , Lullaby,

Premium Member A True Friend
A true friend who will stick with you through thick and thin, on Him you can thoroughly depend. Now you may not comprehend when He...

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Categories: beautiful, blessing, change, trust,

I love you so let me make a mistake
Deliberately till you show me that I've indeed switched my pose
Listen, I've always been better than all...

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Categories: allegory, art, death, deep,