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Anxiety Prose Poetry Poems

These Anxiety Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Anxiety. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Anxiety poems written by international poets.


??? ???? ?? ???? ??,
???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?????? ???? ???? ????? ??,
?? ?????? ??? ????? ???? ???,
??? ??? ?? ???????? ???? ??? ??,

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Categories: absence, anxiety,

an apology that's overdue
My mind feels weak
My mind feels heavy
Sometimes, my mind goes fast
Sometimes my mind goes so fast and i can't keep up.

My mind likes to play...

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Categories: anxiety, cry, for teens,

I hold memories of the little girl 
the one whose fingers are blocks of wood
the fragile cup
slips wilfully from her grip
smashed into tiny pieces
she, standing...

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Categories: anxiety, childhood, confidence, growing

My rock
No matter how cold the night may seem 
Don't give up the serpent of old is trying to implement his scheme 
He'll put people in...

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Categories: angel, anxiety, best friend,

A Black dog named depression
A Black Dog Named Depression

The Black dog follows me;
Down the dark lanes and pathways of the years;
Over the wide, cold chasms in the night,
With steady,...

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Categories: allusion, animal, anxiety, body,

Grief and suffering
I can be
A Life sentence to many

Because . . .

The more you love me
The more 
I will hurt you in return

I can take away your...

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Categories: age, anxiety, appreciation, bereavement,

Secrets that I can't hear,
They're here, there everywhere.
I can't get to them,
So I can't keep my hopes high,
For someone to tell me.
Things I want to...

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Categories: 6th grade, anxiety, children,

The Complainer
The Complainer

I got a bum kneel; and the pain like fiery fingers
Plunges through it when I walk.

People say I'm lucky, that I could have arthritis...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, care, character,

Just another face
in an ever changing crowd,

She winks impishly

--- Played again, and yet again,

She'd surely curse and spit. ---

She chooses Her words carefully

inside the mystery

that people are...

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, confusion, humanity,

Premium Member Lost
The chimneys perspire 					
The ghosts					
of miners past
wait for me 
Flashing white teeth, 					
Hobnails clicking the cobbles				
On the other side of the dark				
the old steam...

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© Tony Kirk  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, dream, fear, gothic,

Watermelon Gum: A Poem About Identity Crisis's In The City
The words “watermelon gum” and “stifling heat” shouldn’t be synonymous with the sentiments that ripped me to shreds during the month of July--and although all...

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Categories: 11th grade, anger, anxiety,

On My Blindness
On My Blindness

I'm going blind;
Blind from picking roses in the graveyard.
Blind from being what I'm not.
Blind from being what I am.

I am losing my sight;

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Categories: angst, anxiety, conflict, confusion,

Weary Tears
Weary Tears

So the tears fall, softly, gently;
Like the forgotten leaves of summer.
Tears, little drops of salty water.
Silent, sweeping ever onward down the cheeks.

Then sits down...

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Categories: adventure, anxiety, dedication, depression,

Sweet Assurance
Sweet Assurance

In God's Hands,
I placed it there;
And there it stays!

In God's Hands, 
A blessed peace, 
About me plays.

In God's Hands,
Where it belongs,
Within His care.

In God's...

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Categories: anxiety, christian, courage, hope,

The Shadow of What Might Have Been
The Shadow of What Might Have Been

How many great things have died upon the wind?
Great songs torn from out a composers heart,
Their melodies fading with...

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Categories: anxiety, christian, courage, wisdom,

Premium Member Jean Genie

she had nail gun eyes
and a cobble stone smile
i saw in her exhaling
in those dark railway sidings
in an underground station, she was
pursing her lips on...

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© Tony Kirk  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, anxiety, conflict, confusion,

Premium Member WAR

Since the beginning of time
men have given up their lives to fight battles
no one can ever win.
We must learn God's way
to solve our problems
and stop...

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Categories: anxiety, betrayal, conflict, death,

We meet again
Till we meet again
The clouds rage on

Till we meet again
Our lives go on

Till we meet again
The bluebirds will chirp

Until we're all gone....

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© Nghi chlxi  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, appreciation, art, beautiful,

Yarab Mai Khoya Tha Teri Ibadat ki Un Namazon Me,
          Duniyawi Arkam Ko tune mere Liye...

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© Adil Zafar  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allah, angel, anxiety, arabic,


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Categories: 6th grade, 8th grade,