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Wine Prose Poems

These Wine Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Wine. These are the best examples of Prose Wine poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Love story
Love story

You were going to be a dancer, a poet, going to save our world. I was content to be in the reflection of your...

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Categories: prose, lost love, love, meaningful,

Premium Member She wore flowers in her hair

                       She wore...

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Categories: prose, adventure, flower, romantic love,

At cock crow 
Lady and Mr. Y, turned seventy
They googled themselves;
The wind whistled past
And exposed the gooses back
They felt the wrinkles 
On their temple,
The rings...

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Categories: prose, age, creation, desire, humanity,

Who Are You and Why Are You Here
One day when life was full of peace

My mentor said something to tease
Who are you? Why are you here?
What is your life's purpose, my dear?

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Categories: prose, death, i am,

Adjusting with one's discipline 
The theory of thejob
Called as superiors guidance
Brain hasn't job and may sleep
Face to face all are listeners
Pickup the orders for beating

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Categories: prose, 5th grade,

standing on the corner
may be a loner
killing time
drinking bad wine
talking and walking
mouth laping
like sap


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Categories: prose, anger,

Dat Ole River
 Dat Ole River (The Calcasieu)

Dats a lazy ole river, dats a muddy ole river.   
Dat river she flows on and on and...

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Categories: prose, boyfriend, character, children, my

The Day Hope Died
The Day Hope Died

We all arose and washed our faces.
The day Hope died.
There was no use to waste time on tears.
Now that Hope was gone.


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Categories: prose, beauty, care, death, death

The Glass
The Glass

The wine sparkled in the glass,
As he lifted it toward the light,            ...

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Categories: death, lost love, wine,

Premium Member But A Moment - Love Snippets 2

"Hurry, you've gotta see this!"
She yelled at me from a hundred yards down the beach ...
So I ran, barefooted, as fast as I could to...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, love, passion, romance,

Premium Member Forgiveness

Dusted with determination
her bent old body plows a furrow
in the field of time.
She has bled into the earth,
eaten unleavened bread
with sacramental wine

Old Mother seasoned with

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Categories: prose, women, writing,

if it a treat
you eat
food get stuck
you need a buck
to get it quick

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Categories: prose, farm, wine,

--Child sexual abuse---

Come all ye victim's, not triumphant!
The Injustice boggles the mind!
The rabbid wolf was on the prowl,
For a meal to flavor his wine.

The E-room...

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Categories: prose, abuse,

every dalliance
“ every dalliance “
I have always found within my old books
many of which I have read over and over
and each time be it the first...

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Categories: prose, love,

Premium Member Someone To Love-part 2

Always wanting to get the most from life,
one morning after a terrible snow storm
she rose from bed stretching 
the most radiant, playful grin spread across...

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Categories: prose, loss, love, love hurts,


Having fear makes it difficult to love anybody
Including yourself
Two naked women scream splashing in glee
In a pool filled with autumn rains

Beaded strands of translucent wet...

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Categories: prose, girl, girlfriend, lost love,

Things that don't let you sleep all night

Its been a long time 
That we human have slept for a while 
Freely enjoying the cold breeze 
Without some wine for sometime 

Stress keeps...

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Categories: prose, absence, child, deep,

As cold as december winter
The frosty so casually falling from his forehead.
The smile on his face making you think,
he's a cool competent man. 
But really he's only waiting to...

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Categories: heartbreak, men,

Not a first,
Not a last,
Talking out loud about a relevency,
failing imaginations
Falling to style

1 old habbit
Mr. Yaddada,
this shouldn't all end over a bottle of good wine...

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Categories: prose, allegory, america, anti bullying,

The Cross

I fold my arms and close my eyes,
I picture a cross so tall.
Mary His Mother 
And Mary His disciple
Crying below, at His feet.

Blood running...

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Categories: prose, bible, christian, devotion, faith,