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Teacher Prose Poems

These Teacher Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Teacher. These are the best examples of Prose Teacher poems written by international poets.

My Old Teacher

He was my old teacher,
That greyed and bent
Fatherly figure,
Seen across the street,
Purchasing vegetables.
At school, he was
Free to pamper and scold us
We, his students,
All grown up...

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Categories: prose, school, teacher,

Is Death The Meaning Of Life
It seems appropriate this Easter Sunday [4/21/19] as I write this to ask THE question humans have asked since we developed our unique-- to the...

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Categories: allusion, angst, atheist, faith,

Love Came Searching
Man is mortal, a mere worm,
A mist that appears quickly then vanish.
Like a flower that flourishes,
And very soon its beauty withers,
Then its place remembers it...

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Categories: christian, god, life, love,

Premium Member Intentional Lack of Interest
Feeling great, feeling happy, feeling keen, 
feeling snappy, better than some years.
The other side of the table cannot stop crying, 
fully concentrating on his sadness.

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Categories: prose, perspective,

Premium Member Weekly Faculty Meeting Yum
Many are gabbing, like magpies on steroids.  
As if we are getting away with something.
Our big chance to speak to adults, and we are...

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Categories: prose, teacher,

Premium Member The Lesson

It was a cool…gloomy…
Rainy morning:

“Teacher, where did God come from?”
“Before the beginning; I believe.”
“Where was that?”
“Oh…thanks teacher.”
“Wow…thank you, my child.”

The rain stopped…
The sun came out…

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Categories: prose, 2nd grade, allegory, child,

Premium Member Charley Wins Prizes
Charley has taken his class hostage; he is seven.
His classmates are terrified of his out-of-control behaviors.
There is a perpetual glare on his face, he seems...

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Categories: prose, anti bullying, bullying, humor,

Premium Member They Said I Did Not Have to Know Music
A spider a day keeps the apple away.
A spider a day makes the day oh so gray!
A spider a day, so it must be almost...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Given To Grandma That Night
I go to classes and everybody cheers.
The teacher is cheering the loudest of all, the kids laugh at this.
I am her thirty minute break, and...

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Categories: anti bullying, bullying,

Premium Member We Are Dead Now Says Boy One
There’s one more thing, we are dead now. Says Boy 1.
No, I’m not dead. I was dead, but now I am just blood up. Boy...

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Categories: prose, school, teacher,

Premium Member In The Profound Reality of You and Me
(Apropos Brethren of the Word)

In the beginning was the void—Night!
Then it was said, “Let there
be light!’’  And out of the darkness
came truth: dropped from...

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Categories: prose, allegory, inspiration, introspection, light,

Premium Member Before 13
Before Thirteen

A skinny child 
with crooked teeth and hair needing to be kept short
because of her habit of tangling it with her own hands.
A peculiar...

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Categories: childhood,

Premium Member Billy
His obituary was in the newspaper today.  I had not thought of him in ages, yet he was always in a nest in my...

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Categories: angst, crush,

Premium Member Teaching Neck Bones
Neck bones. How many does a human have?
Too low.
Too high.
Many hands are up now.
You get two more guesses, the teacher says.
Someone shouts out six.
The teacher...

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Categories: prose, 5th grade, 6th grade,

I’m a secret watcher of Dr. Who, but now you know, and his tardis is bigger on the inside as the cult following knows. So...

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Categories: humor, imagery, poets,

Premium Member Alone In The Dungeon
Alone in the dungeon, I am furious with the them’s, the they’s, the experts, the teacher, my cousin, the snitch, my classmates, and especially my...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Daily Misses The Opportunity
What do you expect? His mother looks twelve.
Generalizations like this bother me.
 “I was a young mother,” I say.
“I bet you were a better mother...

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Categories: prose, teacher,

Dogma or Mystery, part one
The problem I have with religions is that they forget themselves. All of the great religions start out from a MYSTERY. Something or someone happens...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, atheist, god,

Premium Member Do Your Grandchildren A Favor
In the olden days at school the only time we heard squealing in elementary class was when Kitty wore a new hair bow like ours,...

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Categories: prose, grandchild, grandparents, school,

Premium Member The Great Idea
He is young, excited, thrilled, with his clipboard and new almost-position.
His own idea, he wants to be in charge of the focus room, a place...

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Categories: prose, perspective, school,