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Society Prose Poems

These Society Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Society. These are the best examples of Prose Society poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Her Courage
Our helpless girls in the society hide 
Their harassment or abuse sometime
For fear of being ashamed,
But not that brave girl of a remote town, 

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Categories: prose, integrity, society,

On Abortion
A society that legislates
To murder its own children 
Is destined to destroy itself. 


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© W.A. CHOLT  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abortion, murder, society,

Balance for better
Balance for better reminds me of a seesaw!
I sit on one side, she sits on the other, I see from here, She sees from there,...

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Categories: prose, family, gender, metaphor, poetry,

At cock crow 
Lady and Mr. Y, turned seventy
They googled themselves;
The wind whistled past
And exposed the gooses back
They felt the wrinkles 
On their temple,
The rings...

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Categories: prose, age, creation, desire, humanity,

Dear men
there are some barriers,
some words,
which don't let her to escape
when her feet are burning
from the place she is in,
because many times she don't feel like...

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Categories: prose, abuse, betrayal, integrity, march,

Like those still waters
still running deep:

like the calm before the storm:

like glittering veins of fool's gold,

a mirage beneath the desert sun:

friendship, camaraderie,

only politics-deep,

only religion-deep....

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Categories: prose, angst, friendship, loneliness, society,

Just another face
in an ever changing crowd,

She winks impishly

--- Played again, and yet again,

She'd surely curse and spit. ---

She chooses Her words carefully

inside the mystery

that people are...

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Categories: prose, anxiety, conflict, confusion, humanity,

Credo Of An Old Soul
I love my family but am not wholeheartedly committed to them.

I am significantly detached from society as a whole itself.

I shall always embrace my inner...

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Categories: character, faith, inspirational, philosophy,

Educated Nonsense
(For the Lack of anything else to call it)
          Educated Nonsense     ...

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Categories: prose, angst, conflict, confusion, crazy,

Some People Think
Some people think that if your opinion is different than theirs that you have no right to exist and what you say has no value...

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Categories: introspection, life, political, social,

Sunday Brunch
The same cross you nail someone else's sin to; will be the same one used to advertise you. 

The day gold became more important than...

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© TS Lewis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, child abuse, courage,

I Dont Give A Fig About The Brouhaha
I Dont Give A Fig About The Brouhaha...
of new year's eve,
yet yours truly does consider
at least one singular plum me facet by Jeeve
er...Robert (or Rabbie)...

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Categories: prose, assonance, august, farewell, january,

Premium Member Reminiscing About Small Town Life
I unconditionally love the eutony heard by
my soul when I hear certain words.
zing, zip, zeal, zest, zealot, zipper, and z,
are particular favorites, for several sing-songy...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,


I don't feel sorry for you.
You got what you wanted;
instant food, instant entertainment,
instant relationships, instant sex,
instant babies.
Your life is phony and made up
by unreal...

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Categories: prose, courage, evil, fear, forgiveness,

They say she is irresistible
And she is too quick sometimes 
Or she is too chaotic sometimes.

She says I am what I am
She is the one...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, wisdom, woman,

The Power and the 'Poweries'

You can't miss power, 
rides black, shiny, muscled horses,
with black dogs running ahead
to clear the way and keep people away,
else people scare the horses,
drop the...

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Categories: power, society,

Premium Member I Will Not Fear The Night

I don't feel sorry for you.
You got what you wanted;
instant food, instant entertainment,
instant relationships, instant sex, instant babies.
Your life is phony and made up...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, courage, feelings,

When Reason Goes Out The Window
I find it curious that people will debate the nature of God, with one side saying it is irrelevant as He doesn't exist and the...

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Categories: angst, atheist, god, humanity,

Premium Member Enchanting Mother Fish
To find enchanting integrity,
She transparently confronts her disenchantments
with present and past toxic flow,
disempowering absences of synergetic experience,
like rape and enslavement and aggressive commodification,
disharmonic songs
without time...

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Categories: prose, emotions, engagement, fish, health,

I married a Rape Survivor
I married a rape survivor
She was terrified and broken
Shaken till the last drop of blood
She can’t even face the mirror now
Now she hates herself for...

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Categories: abuse, beauty, pain, society,