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Political Prose Poems

These Political Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Political. These are the best examples of Prose Political poems written by international poets.



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Categories: prose, corruption, political, satire,

Workingman's world

In an ahistorical fog:

all the Ways home,

all the signposts,

treacherously hidden 

by greedy men and women:

all eyes off the ball:

mere contemptible bourgeois folly.


The rain is unending,


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Categories: prose, angst, freedom, political, symbolism,

Too Many Cooks
They say that,
“too many cooks, spoil the soup”;
indeed, they spoil everything.

Political cooks, halfway cook the meal; 
leaving raw, tough meat and chewy bread; 
they bicker...

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Categories: community, conflict, confusion, introspection,

Real news, beleaguered
If not the whole truth exactly,

then news much closer to it

---  but politic, omissive  --- ,

and if not fair really,

then news just fair...

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Categories: prose, conflict, political, power, social,

The bespectacled old man
Adjusted his spectacles and his hearing aids,
Positioned his walking stick
Inched forward as the caravan stuttered
Birthed at Aqua Caliente Station

Unable to make out

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Categories: prose, leadership, political,

LOCATION: Mazamaza, Lagos, Nigeria:
My neighbor kofi, 
The computer scientist
At 34,
He crisscrossed, jetcrosed, redcrossed,
And hobnobbed around the globe:
Kathmandu, Acapulco and the Galapagos 

He dined...

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Categories: adventure, africa, business, political,

Some People Think
Some people think that if your opinion is different than theirs that you have no right to exist and what you say has no value...

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Categories: introspection, life, political, social,

Premium Member Non-Thinking Hand It Over Flowers
The loud fastest growing 
non-thinking hand-it-over
flowers are abrasive
to some who feel they are truly weeds, 
just messing up us real flowers 

Their gnarly appearance is

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Categories: prose, anti bullying, bullying, corruption,

Premium Member Would If It Would Be And Is
Would If It Would Be...And Is...

From time immemorial, 
those who would deceive
viewed morality
from under the bridge
and concluded 
that integrity was a choice
rather than a component

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Categories: prose, allegory, america, analogy, betrayal,

Premium Member Of Sinking Ships and Political Debauchery

Today captured souls sail on a Titanic-like ship 
over a new Middle Passage journey on a turbulent sea,
whose waves undulate and froth with viciousness;

The captain...

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Categories: prose, america, analogy, betrayal, imagery,

The Fracturing Empire
The top has always been nothing but rough and tumble.
But things really started to get bad when the bottom began to crumble.
Race and gender have...

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Categories: prose, america, political,

The last time we smiled was our first 
Sharing the news with grins of fine texture 
Like infants joy at mother’s milk 
Dancing to a...

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Categories: prose, art, how i feel,


Standing at the bow of the rugged ship,
Blistering tears cue up in the wrinkles
Of faces worn weary with anguish;
Uncertainty becoming a bleeding wound.

The raging storm...

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Categories: prose, 12th grade, america, analogy,

Premium Member Rising In The Gravity Of The Wave Of Political Deceit


The gravity of the wave of deceit has pulled political integrity
To its lowest ebb and flow, smothering morality with quagmires
Of electorial power abuse...

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Categories: prose, 12th grade, allegory, america,

Dogma or Mystery, part two
It's ironic that 'dogma' simply once meant belief: something we hope is true but aren't certain of, as opposed to a fact. Now dogma means...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, angst, appreciation,

Finding Equilibrium Through The Depths Of Solitude
Socially unorganized, I place critics down a size
Standing with preferred confidence gave me insight
Partially adapted from the root of fear
I sometimes hear my inner voice...

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Categories: prose, imagery, light, missing, political,

When Reason Goes Out The Window
I find it curious that people will debate the nature of God, with one side saying it is irrelevant as He doesn't exist and the...

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Categories: angst, atheist, god, humanity,

Bad Character
Bristling, brazen bodily harm
Beat the diggings, darn his composure
Stalwart, states so smug, self satisfied
His wounded victim flees
Those with soul and feelings flee
His epitaphs burn deep

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Categories: prose, political,

Premium Member In the Shade of The Old Apple Tree
In the Shade of The Old Apple Tree
In the shade of the old apple tree was where Jeff Sessions agreed to meet with me,
he told...

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Categories: political,

Ego or Soul
Since the ancient Greeks, the West has developed individuality as an ideal; this led to many good things like democracy, political rights and creativity. But...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, assonance, creation,