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These Poems Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Poems. These are the best examples of Prose Poems poems written by international poets.

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Partners in Prose

I am addicted to the drug
of writing poetry with you
for we were destined to create
our stressed out syllables to mate 
collaborating with such...

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Categories: prose, poems,

Night Of Glorious Moonlight
Night, this night of glorious moonlight,
it’s silvery rays fingering down to Gaia’s breast  
are euphoria to the soul.
Mother Moon sings her songs of loving

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Categories: appreciation, moon, nature, philosophy,

Poetry as Art
Poetry as Art

I write poems and
Took on the mantle
Of Poet after many
Years of fear and
Humility not allowing
Me to claim it aloud
Hiding my work product
Behind a...

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Categories: prose, art, poems, poetry, poets,

Tuatha De Danann
 She heals the trees, Goddess Danu,
she is the keeper of Spring.
She’s been seen by very few,
regenerating plant beings.

Oh, the power she possesses,
this goddess of...

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Categories: environment, fairy, myth, nature,

Creative Process
 Writing is therapy,
medicine for my 
inner child;
my soul.

Past abuses, terrors,
inner monsters,
conquered with a simple pen.

I face demons,
cowards who run away
when enlightenment’s sword swings.

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Categories: art, how i feel,

Blue Waterways
Blue waterfalls run cold
in silvery moonlight’s beams;
a deer drinks river water;
cooled and refreshed,
leaps into the black forest.

Blue waterways run wild
like, hyena across the panorama
of scrub...

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Categories: nature, ocean, poems, poetry,

The Old Jalopys Miraculous Drive
I remember that ‘69’ Chevrolet
dark green and with the spit
of a combat soldier;
a mean green, power machine.

My Great Uncle bought it new,
his pride and joy...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, car, imagery,

Black Sheep
Some call them the black sheep,
you know those folk who venture forth, 
down the roads that others fear to tread.

Ridicule and disdain is their lot...

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Categories: appreciation, people, perspective, poems,

My Ink Blot Flew Away
Antique fountain pens, I love;
magic wands of the finest make.
I love to collect and repair these 
treasures, for my own creative

For my poetry, oh, how...

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Categories: appreciation, art, imagery, imagination,

Burning Candles
Warm beacon
in the cold darkness
of mortality;
flame of purification
guiding souls,
lure of angels;
burning candles
do their duty
and never complain.


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Categories: appreciation, fire, light, meaningful,

A Note Of Appreciation For Poetrysoup And All Soupers
I just wanted to thank Poetry Soup for, well, for being, for existing as a format for poets to share their hearts and souls. I...

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Categories: appreciation, community, dedication, inspiration,


When it’s a stormy weekend,
I feel inspired,
To write poems and post
On Poetry Soup,
When I go on vacation
I write a poem

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Categories: prose, poetry,

Epic Prose
Makes me smile to see he's back
In a sentence he embodies a strong spirit, writing is his knack
Counts all syllables, a rose shows in the...

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Categories: prose, feelings, kiss, life,

The Lost One

I knew he would come. His coming was long overdue. 
What delayed him? 

He sat beside me. 
He wanted to read to me his poems....

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Categories: prose, poets,

Premium Member RE: POETRYSOUP

What makes a poet, be a poet?
What makes a pilot, be a pilot?
What makes a janitor, be a janitor?
Circumstances bears some weight.
Determination will unlock doors...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, character, devotion, imagination,

Premium Member Let Your Imagination Take Flight
Dear budding poet, 

Modern poetry is an evolutionary process. A poet never really stops growing and learning. Even the most seasoned of poets can discover...

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Categories: encouraging, inspirational, meaningful,

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?????? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ???,

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Categories: prose, poems, poetess, poetry, poets,

Save water
Bund-Bund hai khushiyan yaara
Bund-Bund jindgani
Bund-Bund se sapne pure
Bund-Bund hai paani

Bund-Bund ki utani baatein
Jitani Jeevan ki kahani
khamoshi es maine rahati hai
Jaise Aankhon maine paani

Bund-Bund hai khushiyan...

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Categories: prose, art, earth day, nature,


Sone ka too qatara dhoondhe
Kab tab usako chalaega
Pahaad khodakar jeene vaala
Khud Heera ban jaayega

Dariya kee apanee pahachaan
Ek boond se banata jahaan
Sooraj kee roshanee paakar
Chaand kitana...

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Categories: prose, fear, happiness, hindi, identity,

On Dreams and Imagination
Something I've long been curious about is the great disparity between our 'waking lives' and the lives we lead whilst dreaming. We all dream--that is...

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Categories: allusion, appreciation, creation, dream,